I wasn't drunk, really.

<p>Has anybody fainted for an unknown reason?</p>

<p>Last night I went out with H to a spot to hear live music. Four bands & of course the one I wanted to see was third. We had a table & I nursed one glass of wine for three hours & switched to water. But it was way past my bedtime & when I got up to use the restroom, I suddenly felt ill and keeled over hitting my head on the floor.
They called 911 right away & checked me out, but it is a mystery!</p>

<p>Stood up too fast?? After sitting for that long, it's very possible. If it happens again though, might be worth getting looked into.....or you are pregnant :).</p>

<p>Oh no, EK. Was it your blood pressure?</p>

<p>Happens to me sometimes because I have low blood pressure...DD has fainted before during very heavy periods especially if her blood sugar is low.</p>

<p>Orthostatic hypotension
Vasovagel syncope</p>

<p>Ow emeraldkity! So sorry to hear about this literally upsetting event!</p>

<p>I'm sure your doctor asked you all these questions, but I'd like to know:</p>

<p>Were you dehydrated going in to the club?
Was the club overheated and it was really cold outside?
Was the water you were drinking bottled or tap? Is it possible there was some small bacteria in it that didn't agree with you?
Were you on any medication?
When you felt dizzy, were they playing the song they played when you broke up with your very first boyfriend? Because that would make anyone feel faint :)</p>

<p>Just repeat after me: it wasn't a good song, or a good boyfriend</p>

<p>It happened one time to SIL as we were standing in Starbucks. I don't think she ever went to a doctor for follow-up but it was years ago and she never had problems with it again.</p>

<p>I have very low blood pressure and it's not unusual for me to get very light-headed (with a little bit of vision fading) if I've been leaning over or squatting for a few minutes, when I stand back up.</p>

<p>When i hit the floor i always say it was 1 drink. ;)</p>

<p>Okay, Emeraldkity, I thought for sure this was gonna be someone who did something super-embarassing. Like waking up with a stranger, LOL.</p>

<p>Did you not eat before going out? Sometimes I do that when I plan to go out to dinner, saving all my daily calories for food that is worth it. Low blood pressure is a possiblity as is anemia. Pregnancy, well, that would be really scary to me! Haha!</p>

<p>I hope you're feeling better today. If it was a one-time occurance, I think it's not a big deal. If it continues, then maybe a doctor visit (and a pregnancy test!) is in order.</p>

<p>My MD says it's nearly always dehydration (and low blood pressure) which makes MOST people faint. Everyone in this household also happens to have orthostatic hypotension, so we have to be careful when we stand up or stand up very slowly (blood pressure drops even lower when we stand).</p>

<p>Take care & I hope you have recovered & don't have any ill effects.</p>

<p>I disagree with familyof3boys. If it's the first time this has happened, you should discuss it with your doctor, just to see if you need any tests to see if you might have some sort of medical problem that needs treatment, or if you might need to have your current medications adjusted. </p>

<p>This happened to my husband once when he was repairing a bicycle. He stood up too quickly, passed out, and bruised multiple parts of his body when he fell on top of the bicycle parts. It turned out that he was taking too much blood pressure medicine. His need for the medicine had decreased when he became more physically active by riding that bike frequently, and the doctor had to adjust the dose.</p>

<p>Emerald, I have a good friend who has been dealing with sudden fainting for no reason for the last few years. They have tested her for a million things and so far have come up empty. She is wearing some kind of monitor now but hasn't had an episode since she started on it (naturally.)</p>

<p>I had eaten dinner & had already gotten up about 3 times to go pee.It wasn't really hot, but I could be coming down with something.
I had gone to see my guitar teachers band & was sitting with his parents. I didn't even get to hear him play , which is so frustrating.
I am just glad that it was a pretty clean venue and the floor wasn't wet or sticky since I was laying there for a while cause no one would let me up.</p>

<p>I was only unconscious for about a minute- but it pains me to think that I am now one of those people on the sidewalk getting checked out by firefighters:o
( I went outside when they arrived since it was too noisy inside.)</p>

<p>My blood pressure seemed to be fine if a little high- 130/100.
I haven't had a physical for several years & have been putting it off. This will just get added to my reasons to schedule it soon- I promise.</p>

<p>Definitely review your meds -- if you are taking any -- to see if any of them may need adjustment & talk with your doc about his/her thoughts.</p>

<p>Would take it easy and also call your doc on Monday & go in for that check up & mention this incident. Your blood pressure while lying down or sitting could be different from what it is when standing. That happens to us in this household all the time. It's fine & dandy EXCEPT when we go up to stand.</p>

<p>Since you had been going to the bathroom so many times & had consumed alcohol, you could well have been somewhat dehydrated, but let your doc make the call on that.</p>

<p>Another thought-a urinary tract infection. They can do all kinds of weird things to you. I know someone that was having issues with fainting and they discovered that she had a UTI, once it was gone, the fainting stopped.</p>

<p>Get your heart checked out. Feeling sick to your stomach can be a sign of heart trouble for women. I had a heart attack and was told by the medical people that women can miss the signs of heart trouble. BP means nothing too. While I was having my heart attack, my BP was 121/80...seems pretty norma. First thing Monday morning...Call Your Doctor.</p>

<p>My H had a vasectomy about 15 years ago- so no change of life babies for me.

<p>As a teen I was a regular fainter. Fainted many times, including once when I was getting a blood draw and jerked and bent the needle in my arm. Try coming to with a cadre of doctors humming over you wondering whether they are going to have a lawsuit on their hands from having left a piece of needle in a patient :). </p>

<p>Since this seems to be something new, I would def check it out with the doctor, who will probably run a bunch of heart tests. If it's nothing, at least you will be reassured. If not, they will likely fix you up with something. FIL just had several similar episodes and they put in a pacemaker.</p>

<p>Hopefully nothing EK4!</p>

<p>Sorry, just saw the above update. MY D at college found out during her freshman year she has an electrical issue with her heart that could cause fainting. She mostly felt out of breath. I couldn't believe it...I mean she was a very athletic, healthy 19 year old. They don't have heart problems, right? The much maligned student health center flagged the problem and sent us to a Cardiologist ASAP. Turns out, it's not so unusual as I thought.</p>

<p>EK4 - Definitely get yourself a physical. I'm a big believer in annual physicals, especially at our age. Can't tell you the number of folks I've known who had major issues identified at physicals. Things that weren't causing them symptoms. For example, one friend's husband's leukemia was picked up via a standard blood test. Diabetes is another one that can go undetected without regular screenings.</p>