IB Chemistry vs. IB Biology

<p>I want to become a nuerosurgeon. I have the choice between IB Chemistry or IB Biology. Which one should I take?</p>

<p>Chemistry. It might be to your advantage if you take Biology at the uni which will teach you the Neuroscience before med-school.</p>

<p>Depending how your school is structured you could take both. I'm a junior going full IB Diploma and I'm taking both IB Chem HL and IB Bio HL. Some of the same information is covered in both so it's kind of nice because you get a better understanding of the concept. </p>

<p>In my experience IB Bio is a lot of information thrown at a break neck pace but interesting because you get to learn how everything really works in depth. Basically a lot of memorization on how the different things work. </p>

<p>IB Chem is at a calmer pace than IB Bio. The information is more numbers and formulas based, so although you don't have to memorize the step by step process of whatever is being covered, you still need to know the formula and the general idea of what to do. Some concepts are hard to grasp but once you study and practice it's not bad. </p>

<p>Whatever you decide best of luck to you! :)</p>