IB or Graduating Early?


<p>I'm currently going to be a Junior in High School next year and for the past 6 months+ I've been going back and forth over what I should do about my education. My school offers the IB Diploma and that's the classes I'm signed up for this next year. Now I could very easily graduate in three years with an Honors Diploma and go to a state school and because my family would be considered low income...it wouldn't be to far fetched to go that way either. A lot of people on this site seemed to know a lot about college and the educational world therefore I'm posing the question to you. Will I be able to receive financial aide if I graduate early? Would it be better if I do IB? Facts, personal stories, opinions, comments, thoughts would all be extremely helpful. Thank you!</p>

<p>This is a no-brainer. Do you want to go to Ivies and Top 25 schools? Then do the IB for sure. Or else i'd also graduate early.
I think you said you could go to a state school, then it would be better to graduate early as I don't believe an IB diploma is necessary for a state school and you'd be wasting your time.</p>

<p>just my .02</p>

Do you want to go to Ivies and Top 25 schools? Then do the IB for sure.


<p>IB is not a guarantee for admission to the top schools. In fact, most top schools are stingy about giving away IB credit; AP is better for that sort of thing. If you have solid grades (3.75+ unweighted GPA; 2200+ SAT, etc), definitely graduate early; it won't hurt you. Graduating early does not give better financial aid. However, if you go to a Florida school, being IB will get you a LOT; they love the IB program over there. There was a website detailing the exact perks.</p>