IB students... how's school going for you?

<p>I'm really scared about IB next year. My freshman GPA was a 3.81, first semester sophomore is a 3.28. Yea, it sucks. I spread myself way too thin this semester (5 APs and 2 honors)... such a mistake. I calculated that if I get straight As for the rest of high school, I'll graduate with a 3.86 UW and a killer W GPA. But, I'm going to do IB next year. My question is: how difficult is it to make straight As in IB? Because a 3.86 really is not as high as I'd like it to be.</p>

<p>I'm a senior in IB. I just did my IOC for English turned I my EE and history IA and TOK paper. So I've been busy with IB. I'm glad I got college admissions out of the way for now.</p>

<p>Question: which is better, all IB HL classes or IB Diploma?</p>

<p>I'm a senior in IB too, and after a month of frantic work on world lits, IOC, ToK project, ToK Essay, EE, and HL Math internal, I feel greatly accomplished. I am yet to receive anything but an A in IB, but then again, I've had straight As throughout high school (2 APs freshman year, 4 APs 1 IB sophomore year).</p>

I personally think all IB HL would make myself feel superior to others, but being a Diploma candidate is just as rewarding in terms of the friendships made with fellow IB students as well as the shiny piece of paper I get for going through it all. Two SLs shouldn't hurt too badly, especially if you self-study for the AP test in that subject.</p>