IBA Fall 2020 Admissions (mega-thread)

hey, i noticed that there was no thread for discussion regarding IBA admissions so here ya go share entry tests materials :wink: or share your acceptances and credentials and feel free to ask any related questions

Finally one for IBA xD

What are the chances for admission w 6As 2Bs O Levels, BCC A-Levels and a 1310 SAT-1, assuming my interview goes well?

@Nafayy if you’re applying for social sciences sat score of 1200 is their minimum requirement and for BBA the requirement is 1270. Although, they need average BBC in A-Levels your O-Levels grade are really good that may balance them out( if you’re applying for social sciences). Also, their interview is quite difficult. Are these your A-level grades or AS-Level grades?

@fusedbulb BCC are my final A-Level Grades. Also, im applying to Accounting and Finance not BBA. And i think their required grades for that are BCC. Yeah i’ve heard the interviews difficult but i asked a friend studying there. He guided me a little in that. Im just confused about my SAT-1

@Nafayy Don’t worry about your sat score. if it’s above 1300, it’s perfect.

Also, with these creds you can get into LUMS too. Did you apply for LUMS?

@fusedbulb InshAllah Man. Thanks tho! :smiley:

@fusedbulb Yeah man i did apply to LUMS too but BCC ke saath bohat mushkil hai. But im still hoping for the best :frowning:

No worries :smile: Good Luck!

Hii Has anyone got their interview call yet??

@Nafayy I have the same problem. I also have BCC in Alevels but I am applying for BBA. hopefully I can make it because on their website it says that if you take Maths in A Levels, your minimum grades can be BCC.

Oh, that’s actually good to hear ? Lets man, im actually hoping for the best. Whats your SAT score?

@Nafayy I haven;t given my SAT yet. I am giving it on March 14. I am aiming for a score above 1350 to cover any deficiencies in my grades.

Also, are we talking about LUMS here or IBA? ?

@Nafayy I am applying for both but right now I am talkin about IBA.

Does anyone know how to apply for IBA as a transfer student??

@CaptainX they accept candidate who has attended any of the top 100
universities derived from international rankings by The Times Higher
Education Supplement (THES) or Quacquarelli
Symonds (QS). They accept candidates from LUMS and karachi school of business too

@fusedbulb Well, I am currently studying at Lahore School of Economics so any chances for me??

@CaptainX i think yes you are eligible to apply as a transfer student