Ideas on Engineering programs, East Coast

<p>Looking for ideas on Engineering programs for a student with the following stats:</p>

<p>3.85uw, 4.1w, top 5% of 750
6APs, AP Lang, APChem lect/lab (two classes), AP Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Physics
Only 1AP offered Soph year, so while there is a wide range, but really only two years to take APs
5yrs language, all electives programming/engineering</p>

<p>SATs: CR 710, M 680, W 650
SAT2s: Chem 740, Math2 660
Retest SAT Oct, SAT2 Math2 Nov</p>

<p>LOR's will be very good/ excellent. Essays will be good, but not his strong point. They will be technically perfect, but may not be a home run. I refuse to see until they are sent, so who knows.</p>

<p>Notable EC's/experience:
Robotics: 3yrs, multiple state awards & qualification to World Championships each yr. Placed 3rd at World's 2010. 20hrs/week
Mentor Elem Robotics team: 7hrs/week fall & winter
Science National Honor Society 2yrs
Professional CAD certification
Summer Internship supporting an architect at custom building firm: drafting using CAD, etc. full time.
Participated in State Science Fair (qualified through regional awards)
Black Belt Tae Kwon Do</p>

<p>No hooks.</p>

<p>We will not qualify for FA, so Merit Aid is necessary if he goes OOS. This will have to bring the cost down to VA instate tuition ($25k/yr tops).</p>

<p>Here's where it gets frustrating. He is very quick to say 'nope, not interested' to MANY schools (RIT, Embry Riddle, UMDCP). He wants the option of Aero Eng. which narrows the list considerably.</p>

<p>The obvious schools are going to be UVa (reach unless the math goes up, then still a reach because it's UVa), and VT. I think he needs to be applying to more than TWO schools!!!</p>

<p>Any thoughts on other places to suggest looking in the east coast/south (flexible on this)? Thanks :)</p>

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<p>Thanks for your response.<br>
We visited GATech and despite the urban location liked it quite a bit. The tuition is about $35k/year oos and they are not going to be handing out $$. They don't have to. They do a great job for GA residents in making it affordable, but not oos.
I'll look into Florida.</p>

<p>I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Any information is helpful!</p>

<p>^ UF I believe is one of the cheapest state universities...even for out-of-state students.</p>

<p>blueiguana, Just a hunch, but I think your son will be admitted to both VT and UVA's engineering programs, so he may have a decision to make there. From hearing about local kids, UVA engineering it doesn't take as high of scores to be admitted as one would think. I believe his math score is fine for either- he has done well. The only other schools that I can think of, (and I see you on Alabama's forum some so you know about that one) are Auburn and Alabama. Good luck to you both!</p>

<p>Would he have any interest in an LAC? If so, you might want to consider Bucknell. It might be an interesting alternative if the idea of a smaller school interests him.</p>

<p>Is Bucknell going to offer Aerospace Engineering? I'll check it out. Thanks for the response. Research opportunities are also really important to him.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback K&Ksmom. Admissions to both UVa & VT can be flukey so it's never a good idea to assume anything. Every year we see what we think are awesome candidates turned down. You never know what an adcom is going to see when they look at the application. He would def feel better submitting the applications with the math scores in the 700+ range. He is proud of his achievements. Testing has never favored him, but it's part of the process and every other candidate is going through it!</p>

<p>Auburn and Alabama both fall into 'instate' range given their merit aid. We are going to try to make the trip so he can visit. He's having second thoughts as people make faces when me mentions his 'safetys'. >:@ Simply ignorance if you haven't looked into the program, but it's hard for him.</p>

<p>I don't know which is worse, a student with 25 schools on their list, or 2? I guess it depends on how qualified they are for those 2! :) It's odd, this is a kid that takes 6months researching and selecting a guitar. But once he makes up his mind, that's it. The difference is, the guitar doesn't have to select him back!!</p>

<p>The College Board lists 88 schools that offer aerospace engineering: College</a> MatchMaker: Results</p>

<p>Hey so your retaking the SAT MATH 2 is november, correct? Is that too late for early action admissions or regular admissions or what? I want to up my SAT MATH 2 score too</p>

<p>OP, K&K: actually, the test scores for UVa SEAS are a little higher even than for Arts and Sciences. However, the admit rate is also higher for SEAS. The problem I see is that the OPs math score is somewhat below the SEAS ave. (680 vs. about 717). So, get that up if you can for UVa. I can't see any problem getting into Tech wih his numbers.</p>