If I am retaking an AP exam in my senior year, how should my referee report it?

So I am applying to Cambridge for computer science. I got a 5 on AP computer science A but a 4 on AP computer science principles. I plan to retake computer science principles this year. Is there anything special I need from my referee to account for this or am I ok just listing it amongst the other APs this year?

EDIT: I have 4 5s already plus I am taking 6 APs this year including the retake of AP comp sci principles

Hopefully the person writing rhe reference will convince you that retaking the exam is a waste of time and money

Not an expert in the CompScis, but wouldn’t it be better for your referee to point out that your performance in the generalist/survey course Is superceded by your performance in the (more challenging?) course designed for students interested in going into the field?

I’m assuming that you took CSP before you took CSA? If you have 5s in CSA, Calc BC and Physics C (Mechanics & E/M), that should be a good baseline. Looks like there is a Cambridge specific math test that you need to take for the CS course. I’d focus my efforts there to be as competitive as possible for an interview slot.

I agree with the comments.

@HazeGrey is right- and if you haven’t registered for it yet, get your skates on: you must be registered for the test by the application deadline of 15 October (test date isn’t until 5 Nov).