If I were president, I would ________

<p>declare victory in Iraq, let the Iraqis clean the mess themselves, and denounce Bush (sry Bush lovers).</p>

<p>i would conquer canada once and for all.</p>

<p>hand the position to a more capable person.</p>

<p>I would buy you a house.</p>

<p>...declare August 29 Michael Jackson day... then annex Canada</p>

<p>... inadvertently lead America into a severe economical depression due to my incompetency as a national leader.</p>

That's been done.</p>

<p>I would marry my daughter to prince william and so found the ameribrit republic? kingdom? depends on the contract...</p>

<p>Definitely wouldn't leave Iraq.
I'd be disappointed in myself...knowing I'd have had to commit some very ethically questionable and dirty actions to be in my current position.</p>

<p>If I was president
I'd get elected on friday
Assassinated on saturday
Buried on sunday</p>

<p>i agree with thehoo. and piccolojunior. after doing all that stuff, i would want to be murdered.</p>

<p>we should definitely take Canada</p>

<p>no one here has heard of wyclef jean?</p>

<p>The President can't take Canada, only the Senate can declare war...</p>


<p>what would I do...</p>

<p>attempt to stack the supreme court like FDR?</p>

<p>cause a nuclear war. It would be interesting.</p>

<p>^ Nope, ban the legislature and the supreme court. </p>

<p>Declare martial law and suspend all political parties in the United States. Recall all troops home and use them for internal security purposes. Then prepare for the invasion of Canada from two fronts, Alaska and Continental US. </p>

<p>Just kidding... America's the only country in the world where that might not work. :)</p>

<p>If I were really president, I'd spend my entire time looking through top secret governmental files examining whether the conspiracy theories are true. Then I'll travel through the Stargate to visit the secret United States Space Command on Alpha Centari and get on a Battlestar.</p>

<p>Start with the economy, stabalize and liquidate all off balance book cdo's into publicly traded investment funds. Saber rattel with china and Ruussia. Minipulate global amrkets to benefit US. Make food prices indexed to oil for all food exports so that the Saudi's and other Arab countries feel some economic paintil they start to lower oil prices. Begin rapid energy efficency programand alternative energy development. No ethenol, that's a scam.</p>

<p>Why does everyone want canada? It's a giant chunk of ice.</p>

<p>I would take over the Bahamas and then live there the rest of my life.</p>

<p>Canada=oil. Oil=good economy and prosperity.</p>

<p>Canada=Canadians, many of whom are "uber" cool...</p>