I'm in LOS ANGELES!!!!

<p>Hi everyone! I hope you still remember me, I havn't been here in a week or so because of all the arrangements, but yesterday I finally landed in LA!!!!
So it's still morning here and I just woke up, didn't really get to see anything yet. Yesterday on my way to the airport, a few road signs caught my eyes.. i.e UCLA, Marymonut Loyola College, and one more I forgot.
Since I almost missed my flight from NY to LA, my laggages were delayed and I'm having them delivered here in about am hour so as soon as I get them I'm changing my cloths and going to USC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am! After worshipping this school for months from Israel, trying to imagine what it feels like to walk on their campus, and see for real everything I had seen online! I am soooo happy to finally be here! It feels amazing!</p>

<p>Also, I'm turning 19 tomorrow, and I can't think of a better place to be! Even though I don't know anyone and have no friends to celebrate with :) Eh, well!</p>

<p>Hopefully now I'll be online as often as I used to and catch up with you people! I'll be here to whine about my November SAT scores for sure!</p>

<p>Keep me posted :) Bye!!!</p>

<p>Congratulations, welcome back and happy birthday.</p>

<p>That's GREAT!!! I can almost feel your excitement through this post! I hope you like it there and get in because you deserve it! And don't forget to post whenever you can!</p>

<p>Goof luck!</p>

<p>OOOOH MYGOD!!! Happy Birthday!</p>

<p>CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh, you're in Cali! That is SOOO cool!!!! <em>psyched for you</em> I really hope the trip and tour will be great! Remember to ask questions!</p>

<p><em>awed</em> Dana, this is sooo great for you!!</p>

<p>Thank you sooooooooo sooooooo sooooooo much everyone I appreciate it A LOT! Thanks for believing in me :) haha it's really amazing I already feel like I know you all! And hey, my birthday is not untill tomorrow... Or maybe where you are it is already the 18th si who knows! It's 11:55 am here now an I'll be getting my stuff by 13:00 and thennnnn finally!!!!! I'll see the school! I will be visiting some more schools here, so if anybody is intrested in anything I'll be happy to do this service for you! And other than USC, it's just great to be in America... I love this place so much and can't explain why!</p>

<p>Buy Fruit RollUps!!! They're great.. <em>droools</em> </p>

<p>Well, happy EARLY birthday...but it's already the 18th in Asia. :D :D :D Heeeheee...so I'll just say this for my home country.</p>

<p>Thanks little miss Asia :) I love having my bday here, that wat it's almost my bday in Israel, and here it's in about 12 hours! that way it lasts longer. It's so weird though... Im usually a bday freak but now I almost forget it till someone from home reminds me! It's hard to feel these things when youre away!</p>

<p>btw, if you can get an interview it would be a great opportunity to express your passion about USC and how much you went through to visit and to apply there.</p>

<p>Are you visiting Pomona College?</p>

<p>I sure did scedule an interview!!! It's on Dec 13th!
Yeah, right now I'm planning on visiting Pomona, UCLA, College of the Pacific, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Chapman and Stanford just for the fun of it!</p>

<p>Well done! We'll give some advice when Dec 13 comes closer;) Enjoy your time there for now;) and get to know the university very well. I think it could impress the interviewer... not sure though</p>

<p>Could you write something about Pomona after you visit? Not anything specific... just your opinion, what impressed you, what you didn't like... I'll probably apply there but I can't visit so I mostly rely on what I hear</p>

<p>For sure!! I'll write about all schools :) From another int'l's perspective!</p>

<p>And yeah don't worry, I'll do my homework on the univ.!!</p>

<p>Thank you :)</p>

<p>Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all the best + getting into USC and all your dreams coming true:D!!!</p>

<p>aww... <em>shakes</em> do tell me about USC ya? i'd love to know how is it like there!</p>

<p>Happy Birthday! I'm so happy for you! it's like you're already living a dream... and the best part is here to come[ meaning admission ;) ]</p>

<p>Oh, Dana, if you could also see what type of fruits are available in California while winter ravages the rest of the country, that would be nice!</p>

<p>Happy Birthday! (US time zone!)</p>

<p>Wow..you are on vacation? It's tough to take so many days off and visit that many schools for US students, let alone an international!!! You must be rich like many Jews in LA..hehe...as visiting all those schools are gonna be expensive. LA's public transit is pretty third-world. You'll have to take taxi if you don't have international driving license. Good luck!</p>

<p>Dana is from Israel...after the voluntary military service...</p>

<p>I will post a longer respond later on bevause I have so many things to say, but Sam Lee, not only that I'm not rich, I'm literally poor, by any definition. My parents are not helping me with this at all because they can't. So no, I'm not rich. Not even close.</p>

<p>And IzzyJ, the military is mandatory :)</p>

<p>oh, right! Sorry, that was the word I was thinking of. Compulsory = mandatory...not voluntary. <em>hits myself</em></p>