I'm thinking about majoring in Biology and International Relations.

I’m currently going into my junior year of high school. There are many extracurriculars that I’m thinking about starting/continuing on to contribute to my theme for the college applications. It’s just that, my two main interests are medicine and international studies – very different fields of study. I’m worrying over what extracurriculars would best contribute, and if they would contribute at all, and how that would tie in when it’s time to write my college application. I don’t know what to invest in, and which extracurriculars are a waste of my time. These are what I am currently into:

  • Green Club (leadership position)
  • HOSA Club (leadership position)
  • Speech and debate (did debate for two years, no progress, was going to switch to speech this year, but the way competition will proceed is still tbd)
  • Science Olympiad (no major competitions won so far, don't know if I should invest in more time for it)
  • play piano (recreationally)
  • tennis (recreationally, not yet tried out for the school team)
  • writer for a new non-profit youth-led news website
  • writing (recreationally, plan to submit stories)
  • Learning 3 languages (at varying levels of fluency)

Things I’m thinking about starting:

  • writing a book
  • starting an organization
  • getting internships/research opportunities (now that I’m old enough to be considered; I’m young for my grade)

Do you have any advice or recommendations on what to start/drop?

This sounds like such an interesting mix of majors. I know people say that you should prepare to get a job, but personally, I think you should focus on what you enjoy learning. When it comes to ECs, it seems like you’ve got some great stuff going. Don’t feel pressured to only do stuff relating to your majors. Branch out. That being said, starting your own organization always looks good, and it can help you form a community of peers with similar interests to you. Internships are always great, also, so always be on the lookout. Constantly search on google and ASK YOUR TEACHERS. They are gonna have the best insight on how to get students more engaged in certain topics.

Overall, drop what you don’t enjoy and stick with what you do enjoy. Don’t do things simply for your resume. It seems like you’ve got some real interests. Lean into that, and you’ll find yourself where you want to be.

I strongly disagree with this statement. Too many people think that being a “founder” of a group is some major accomplishment. It isn’t.