I'm worried about my scores......

<p>I'm an international student living in U.S. (it's been 5 yrs) and I took the SATs twice...
first time in May i got 570V 780M
this october, I got 610V, 710M.....(i only concentrated to get the verbal score above 600..and english is my second language...)
If combined, i have a score of 1390.....it's pretty low...
most colleges will look my score as 1390 right????
I was so close to cracking 1400...o well I was close.....
did I lose most of my chances at top universities especially ivies and LACs????
if I have good GPA, SAT II scores and decent extracurricular act. & essays....1390 is not gonna hurt me that much right????
i am worried that as an international applicant, i have no chance at ivies or to LACs because other international students probably have much higher SAT scores.......give me some hope guys.......
also how would the most colleges look at my SAT score if i take SATs again and get 800 on math?? would they still take the highest?? or average them??
I am afraid to apply to colleges because i think i wil get rejected from everwhere!!!!</p>

<p>What's so bad in being rejected? If you won't try you will never know if you could get there.</p>

<p>You are all right, krbxtigerz. 1390 is not a bad score at all. I actually think you stand a good chance of getting into some competitive colleges if you have other strong credentials, and if you do not need financial aid. If that's the case, I consider you to be much luckier than I am, who is a foreign student requesting financial aid......but I will definitely try to apply to some selective colleges, just to see what happens because you never know.</p>

<p>I agree. You should just give it a shot, cos the selection processes at top colleges are all shady grey areas, smth else of yours might just stand out! Why not retake your SATs, try to pull up that math score, and don't worry yourself out anymore. You're really much more than a SAT score, and colleges won't solely evaluate you based on them scores alone.</p>



<p>Look at it this way: you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.</p>

<p>coureur, do you know anything about the University of Bridgeport? Any information will be appreciated.</p>