Imperial College London Vs University of Michigan. Where do I go ? =S

<p>I don't know about U Mich but Imperial is considered one of the best universities in the UK (after Oxbridge of course....)</p>

<p>Dionysus, I agree with that.
I believe anyone making this kind of decision should research about the opportunities they will/would have in the respective majors he/she is considering. I think that ideally, if the person could arrange to go to, say... Imperial, then do a study abroad in U. Michigan or vice-versa, he/she will get the best of both worlds.</p>

<p>imperial dude.end of story.</p>

<p>If you're planning on studying engineering, then the University of Michigan may well be a solid choice for you. It is internationally recognized and respected, although mainly for its graduate programs. Imperial and UCL are both considered to be superior to UMichigan here in the States, for both undergraduate and graduate--and getting into HYPSMC--grade-contingent, of course--shouldn't be too far of a longshot.</p>

<p>I just don't want you to be disenchanted with UMichigan should you come here expecting an ultra-highly competitive environment. Also, Michigan is beautiful, but bitterly cold in the winter.</p>

<p>U Mich's engineering program is way way better than Imperial. At the graduate level its one of the best in the world which Imperial is not:</p>

<p>ARWU</a> FIELD 2009 Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences </p>

<p>I know you are picking undergraduate, but from what I have observed undergrads in the US benefit a lot from the grad programs. Research opportunities great professors and such. Also if you are planning to do graduate studies I would take UMich. Except you are sure you can get a first class at imperial, it would be hard for you to get into a top US grad program, but you get into a top program with a 3.6+ from UMich</p>

<p>However if you wanna live in the UK- then Imperial is a good choice.</p>

<p>I suggest you go to the UK for your undergrad and come to the US for grad school. You'll specialize a lot quicker in the UK, and will probably be done a lot faster.</p>

<p>"Dionysus, I agree with that.
I believe anyone making this kind of decision should research about the opportunities they will/would have in the respective majors he/she is considering."</p>

<p>This has big problems. One Dionysus claims he has never heard of Imperial. The same can be sad for Imperial. If you survey a large number of professors in engineering at MIT, I would not be surprised if around half have never heard of Imperial College. Does that mean Imperials not good? No</p>

<p>I would not advise you on which is better because I would be lying to you if I could confidently say any is better except I have a complex-BUT it depends on what you want from a school. What I can confidently say is Michigan's engineering is just a notch under MIT. </p>

<p>I cannot say "this school is more well known" because I have not lived everywhere in the world- I have never met someone from south america who has heard of UCL or Imperial- but I am aware the reverse would be in some parts of western Europe.</p>

<p>So it all depends on what you want to do. YOU have to decide where you want to go based on what you want. However as long as you dont plan to go to graduate school (where UMichigan would give you a significant edge) I would state they are roughly similar in academic quality (if that can ever be measured).</p>

<p>Also ask people for clarification when the tell you to pick a certain school.</p>

<p>I gotta tell you, noone who has never heard of U. Michigan should be taken seriously on this topic. </p>

<p>Michigan is one of the world's top universities.</p>