Imperial College London Vs University of Michigan. Where do I go ? =S

<p>Firstly, I would like to start of this post by thanking CC and all it's members for guiding me through my college admissions process. </p>

<p>I am an International student. For me the location doesn't matter neither does the cost of attendance. </p>

<p>I want to attend the best possible institution from where I can get a good job and a possible HYPMS grad degree with full scholarship (Since I will have to pay for myself for my graduate degree). </p>

<p>My college applications statuses are as follows:-</p>

<p>United States of America:-</p>

<p>University of Texas - Decision still pending
UIllinoi - Deferred
UMichigan - Accepted
Purude - Accepted</p>

<p>United Kingdom:- </p>

<p>I have been offered conditional acceptance at all the below listed universities with 1),2),3) asking for 75% and above in my Board examinations and 5) asking for 85% and above. </p>

<p>1)University of Bath - Accepted
2)University of Southampton - Accepted
3)University of Bristol - Accepted
4)University College London - Offer still pending. I have my Interview this month end.
5)Imperial College London - Accepted </p>

<p>*Criteria :- *</p>

<p>1)Money - I have it covered . My parents want to send me to the best possible university.</p>

<p>2)Major - I am planning to do a minor with my major or a double major, But I do not know which of the universities would allow that . Mostly an engineering degree ( Mechanical engineering) with a possible - International relations or Economics or....</p>

<p>3)Jobs - I want the university to have the best job placements .</p>

<p>4)Quality of education - The best among the 5 mentioned above.</p>

<p>5)Campus size and weather - Size doesn't matter (that is why I applied to public universities). I currently in Dubai and I lived 4 years in Canada. So temperature ranging between -40 Degree Celsius and 50 Degree Celsius is manageable.</p>

<p>6)Top notch facilities and faculty.</p>

<p>You seem very indifferent to location and style of your surroundings. Are you really sure that that's your true feeling about education? Sure, during HS location is secondary, but in college you'll have to really interact with your surroundings in order to build a strong CV and to develop as a person. UMich and Imperial are very different schools in very different cities.</p>

<p>With the courses: I'm no expert on UMich, but I think they will let you dubmajor oder minor. A large public U usually offers such programs. In the UK you usually should have been accepted to a specific course of study already? It will be hard to combine different fields of study if they aren't offered as an integrated course already. Dubblemajoring will usually (if your qualified) be an option, but would be unusual.</p>

<p>Job placement: UMichigan has a great alumni-network, but Imperial is usually more recognized outside of the US. Both will land you great jobs in engineering, the difference is really up to you.</p>

<p>Something interesting: In the UK you'll be finished with your degree way faster. It's very common to just simply add a 4th year and be finished with a masters, while at UMich you will only have a BSc after the 4yrs. Idk about the education in Dubai, but most US-colleges cover European HS-material in their first year. You'd be wasting your time and money. One of the most important things of undergrad is to get through it fast.</p>


<p>My recommendatoion: Try to get credits for your HS work (i suspect you're not American) at UMich so that you'll be able to graduate in 3 years. If that's impossible I would definitly choose Imperial. Don't double-major, but get a fast Masters and then add a good PhD or another postgrad at HYPSM. You'll be more likely to be accepted to one of the good grad-programs with a masters. Also it's usually cheaper and London is great.</p>

<p>So unless you get a ton of credit at UM, choose Imperial.</p>

<p>Which courses exactly have you been accepted on in the UK? You usually can't change (unless you drop out and re-apply) so if you have not been accepted on some kind of dual course, you will need to go to the US in order to pursue a double-major. As to which universities allow this, I am sure their web-sites will tell you.</p>

<p>I'd go with Umichigan or UCL</p>

<p>Yeah, I would pick Imperial anytime, if I were you. But then again, it all depends on where you prefer to land your job at, which, in most cases, is usually the country you'll end up spending most of your life in. Generally speaking, once people get out of undergraduate school, they either apply for jobs, or get offered a job. (well, of course, graduate school is always an option as well) As far as I know, the chances of getting a job in the United States as an international is really slim. I have friends who are living proof of that. I'm not too sure about England's hospitality towards internationals, but you can always ask around. By the way, it's really cool that you're from Dubai! =] Congrats on your future college life!</p>

<p>I would pick Michigan over Imperial anyday.</p>

<p>Definitely Imperial or UCL and then those univs in the States. Why? Well the reason is simple. Imperial and UCL are one of the best schools in Europe and worldwide while Michigan isn't. And with Imperial or UCL you can get into Ivies. You do know that European education is really different than the one in America? And are you familiar with the Bologna Process? Take in consideration that if you are not the EU citizen you might have problems getting work permit once you're done with Masters.</p>

<p>Definitely Imperial or UCL and then those univs in the States. Why? Well the reason is simple. Imperial and UCL are one of the best schools in Europe and worldwide while Michigan isn't.</p>

<p>You are clueless.</p>

<p>"And with Imperial or UCL you can get into Ivies."</p>

<p>You can get into the ivies from Michigan too, assuming that the program one is interested is better at the Ivies then at Michigan.</p>


<p>I am clueless? Could you please elaborate it?</p>

<p>UCL!! because Coldplay went there hahaha,jk (no, really, i'm not jk). </p>

<p>and i agree with Luluzg, i'm an international student and have lived in different countries in the region. I can vouch that UCL and Imperial are much more well recognized than UMich (although I do not deny UMich's high quality of education). Also, you would need stellar A level or IB grades to qualify for these UK schools - I am taking about getting at least AAB for your 3 mains for the A levels. Whereas, a friend of mine got into Umich with an ACC (which points to America's awesome, holistic method of reviewing apps ;-)</p>

<p>I hate to bring up this unpleasant fact but - you are not going to get a scholarship for your masters in the US, esp if you are an international student. Also, chances of you landing an interview, let alone a job, in the US as an international are very slim, if not impossible. I think Imperial wins by default.</p>

<p>Either UCL or Imperial.</p>

<p>Imperial -- Olivia Judson teaches there.</p>

<p>what you chose?</p>

<p>Engineering major??
U. Mich. no hesitation.</p>

<p>^ imperial is damn solid at science and engineering too.</p>

<p>Imperial. I don't even know what UMich is.</p>

<p>Just because you don't know what U. Mich is doesn't mean it can't be better than Imperial.</p>

<p>True, but i would still opt to go somewhere that i had heard of. As to which is truly better? No idea. I doubt you're going to get a non-biased view on this board. We can all only give our personal opinion, and that is mine.</p>