Important dates for entering freshmen and future applicants

July 1

Application for admission, $40 application fee.
Submit transcripts, ACT, and or SAT. Be sure to submit a test that includes
Writing score. Priority deadline is February 1.

Notification of Acceptance begins just after Labor Day.
Student tab appears. CWID issued. Acceptance letter arrives via mail.

Scholarship letter arrives. Letter from college of choice arrives.

Apply to Honors College – once accepted, students who qualify may apply for admission to the Honors College. Admission is based solely upon stats, so the application is pretty simple. Any student who wishes to live in Honors housing must have applied and been accepted BEFORE room selection begins on May 1, so don’t delay in applying.

Scholarship application – once a student is accepted, the scholarship application is available to complete online. The scholarship application deadline is December 15. Don’t plan to wait until the last minute. The system may experience an overload and you may have an issue submitting at the last minute. The national December ACT and SAT test dates are the last test dates accepted for scholarships. The highest qualifying test score will be used to determine the scholarship level awarded. Although students receive a scholarship letter earlier, the official acceptance occurs in the spring on MyBama.

Pay enrollment deposit online. Enrollment deposit is $200 and is non-refundable. The system may take several hours to update before allowing the housing deposit to be submitted. Allow at least two hours between paying the enrollment deposit and housing deposit.

Check into programs such as Emerging Scholars, University Scholars, CBH, UFE, Blount, etc… Note requirements and deadlines.

Beginning October 1

Pay housing deposit and complete the housing contract. Housing deposit is $300. Request refunds in writing. $275 is refundable up until May 1, or $175 before June 1. The earlier the deposit is paid the better your chances of receiving your choice of housing. Students are not guaranteed a particular housing option. The deadline for submitting the housing deposit is April 1.

Set up a roommate profile and begin searching for roommates. I believe the system updates weekly. For the best results, the student (not the parent) should complete the profile with complete honesty. No one wants to find out the neat, non-smoking, non-partying roommate choice is actually an all night party animal or visa versa.:slight_smile: Don’t worry about being judged. Be yourself and find the best fit for you. Keep in mind that roommates don’t have to be best friends or carbon copies to live together.

If your student is NMSF, verify that all steps for completing the process are completed before the deadlines.

Where should I live?
Determine interest and investigate deadlines for any living-learning community for which a student may have interest. Acceptance into Honors is required before selecting Honors housing. Students may also want to consider other communities such as Blount, which require an application process.

Here’s a link about living-learning communities:

Link to residence hall options:

Consider whether you’ll participate in Alabama Action, Outdoor Action, or Camp 1831. Watch for online applications to open and submit the deposit and criminal background check online.

March 1
Priority deadline for submitting Financial Aid forms.

April 1
Alabama Action and Outdoor Action applications open online.

April 1 to mid April
Bama Bound registration opens online

Bama Bound – students can register for Bama Bound after paying the enrollment and housing deposit. The deposit for Bama Bound is $120 for the student. Students usually reside in the dorm during Bama Bound. Parents have the option of paying to stay in the dorm. Parents are assigned to a different tower within RCS. Sibling orientation is also available for an additional cost for students with siblings. I think siblings have to be a high school freshman or older to participate. Linens are furnished for parents, but must be requested for students. BB is a good opportunity to measure if your student will be in RCS. Expect to find a twin xl bed with mattress, dresser, desk, chair in the bedroom, a bathroom with shower, and a fridge, sink, microwave, sofa, table, and chairs in the dorm. It isn’t like staying in a hotel, so you won’t have a tv, toiletries, or trashcan in your room. Staying in the dorm is convenient and inexpensive, but don’t expect luxury.

Make hotel reservations for BB.

Beginning as early as May 1 (depending on date of deposit)
Room Selection – students who wish to select roommates should have already made connections using the Roommate Finder or other alternatives. Students are able to select roommates, building, floor, suite, and bedroom during room selection IF they met the deadlines.

June 1

Football tickets generally go on sale online around this time for entering freshman. Students go online to purchase one of two packages available to incoming freshmen.

NMF Technology package letters go out for NMF to select their choice.

early in June

Move in time selection. Watch for the deadline to sign up for a move in time. Those participating in approved activities are allowed to move in early. Move in times slots are generally staggered incrementally and based upon the building/floor of the housing assignment. Students go online on a specified date to select their actual move in time. Move in at the UA is an amazing process. I promise you will be impressed. Simply pull up to the dorm and volunteers do all of the unloading and cart the student’s belongings to their room.

Make hotel reservations for move in immediately if you haven’t already.

Around July 1

Parking permits – these go on sale online around this time for students who plan to bring cars. Watch the Crimson mail for assigned times to purchase parking permits. If bringing a car from out of state, check with your state to see if the car will need an inspection or if a waiver is available. Most states allow waivers.

Immunizations – download the immunization form and make an appointment for immunizations and TB skin test. The form may be submitted during Bama Bound. Remember to allow time for the TB test to be administered AND read.

During the summer:

Set appointments for routine visits to orthodontists, dentists, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, etc. and have any prescriptions refilled. Consider a basic first aid kit with any allergy and cold meds your student may need. Students under 19 are prohibited from buying certain prescriptions in Alabama.

Register to vote and request absentee ballots if planning to vote in your home state.

Send final transcript to the UA upon graduation.

Send AP scores, dual enrollment transcripts, CLEP results to UA.

Plan several potential schedules before attending Bama Bound.

Students complete Alcohol Edu and Haven online.

Lay out an area based upon the dimensions of your chosen dorm room. If your stuff doesn’t fit, you’re bringing too much. The more stuff you bring, the more stuff you’ll have to store or move out. You don’t need everything you have at home.:slight_smile:

Copy or scan important documents such as insurance and social security card.

These sites are helpful:

Edited to add

The immunization form and TB test may also be scanned in and submitted online.

ACT card pictures - students may submit pictures online following the guidelines they are provided via email to submit a picture for their ACT card. This picture must be submitted at least one full business day prior to the beginning of the student’s Bama Bound session. If not, the student should visit the ACT card office a the Bus Hub on the day before his or her Bama Bound begins to have the picture taken.

WHOA…WOW, @bamagirls !!! Everything anyone wants to know in one large nutshell! Love it! Thanks for taking the time to map it all out for everyone. :slight_smile:

Hi friends! The April 1 deadline mentioned for housing… have you seen that written down anywhere recently? If so, I’d love to know where so I can correct it.

Incoming freshmen who apply by May 1 are guaranteed a space on campus. There’s not really a deadline on April 1 anymore.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks, @uahousing. I will edit.

Edit: Incoming freshmen who apply by May 1 are guaranteed a space on campus. That deadline is no longer April 1st to receive housing. Keep in mind that a later deposit may affect your ability to select various housing options.

“Students who apply for housing between October 1, 2014 and February 1, 2015, will be able to select their own room online during room selection in the spring. Students who apply for housing between February 2 and April 1, 2015, may be able to select their own spaces or may be assigned by HRC staff. HRC will determine the method that will result in the fastest assignment for students, as we determine demand for housing.”

All dates listed above are subject to change.

This a very inclusive list. I would recommend the moderator pin it to the top.


Another poster discovered that the online admission application for students entering Fall 2016 is now open. Roll Tide!

The scholarships for 2016-2017 are now posted.

And the application for Fall 2016 is now open.

Thanks to another poster for letting everyone know. Roll Tide y’all.

Parking decal sales for entering freshmen have begun. I think maybe by last name?

Entering freshmen may begin completing Alcoholedu and Haven starting today.

Fall schedules may be confirmed as early as July 20th, and once confirmed, the entering NMF may pick up their iPad or laptop beginning August 10th until August 31st.

Application for FALL 2016 is NOT OPEN!
It will open on August 1st

I even called Admissions last week to verify. I even watched my own DD try to apply and FALL 2016 is NOT an option.

I have a rising jr at UA

It was open, maybe they took it down for something?

My HS Senior applied on July 8th, but there isn’t really any reason to fret, UA Housing priority, as you know, isn’t based on application date to the University (like it is for many others)

I have a rising Sr at Bama :slight_smile:

The application is most definitely open and does have an option for Fall 2016. Several potential students have already applied per another thread. I have seen the live application myself with the Fall 2016 option. I have multiple students at Bama for what its worth.

The options currently available to apply as a first time undergraduate on the online application at include:

Fall 2015
Spring 2016
Summer 2016

And FALL 2016 in that order.

I just got off the phone with admissions. They have opened it
When I spoke with them last week they told me August 1
I even had my daughter pull it up in front of me and there was no Fall 2016 option last week when we looked.

I was skeptical when I first read that the application had opened because I had also heard August 1st. I remember some applied a few years back using the incorrect year, so aeromom checked and I checked on July 9th. We were both able to verify that Fall 2016 was an option on July 9. That’s when I added the post that the application was indeed open.

Best of luck to everyone! Roll Tide!

Sorry, I meant July 8 was the date several people, myself included, verified the application for Fall 2016 went live. I shouldn’t post without my glasses. :frowning:

In addition to a recent graduate, we went through this process last year for last fall and again for this year for Fall 2015. I’m trying to be very diligent in keeping up with dates and deadlines in hopes that it helps others to understand the timeline so they may anticipate their next steps. If I make a mistake, I will be happy to correct it.

FYI…for those currently applying for Fall 2016…scholarship letters generally arrive within a few weeks of acceptances, but you won’t have an opportunity to officially accept your scholarship until the spring. I think I forgot to mention that in the timeline.

Good luck everyone.

Do you need teachers recommendations for a freshman applicant who is going to apply for the presidential scholarship and apply to honors?

No letters of recommendation are required. Admission to the HC and the Presidential scholarship are both based solely upon test scores and GPA. UFE requires one recommendation.

I would say don’t bank on honors suite style housing unless you get accepted well before the Christmas holiday. Son got the last honors suite housing with his three linked roommates (yes there were individual spaces left, ie suites with one or two spots still). We paid a month before the housing deadline. I know many freshmen who were so disappointed that honors suite style was so limited and were placed in traditional and non honors housing. My point is don’t let the lure of suite style housing be a big reason for coming to UA! Some of the kids who were so disappointed started their year off on the wrong foot and still aren’t over it!