In-person this semester?

I am wondering if any schools are 100% in-person this semester?

Or are most schools either mostly virtual or offer about half courses virtual and half in-person?

I think almost every school has to offer a remote component for those students and professors who are at risk. There are schools though where all the students have been invited back to campus and have strived to have many classes in person . Perdue for example.

What kind of school? Colleges and universities? High schools?


My D’s schedule at a Midwest public is 100% in person. I expect they still have some of the large gen eds online though so I won’t say the whole school is 100% in person.

If there is general vaccine availability by this summer, and there is not a variant that evades the vaccines, expect colleges to want to get back to the pre-COVID-19 state, although perhaps with additional remote options that make use of the remote capabilities that they added (e.g. perhaps they can allow a student who is sick of anything to stay home and participate in a class remotely instead of having a classmate give them a copy of notes from the class session).

Assuming you mean Purdue, not the chicken, my D only has one class and two labs in person this semester. Her roommate from last year is studying from home. They are returning to requiring everyone on campus in the fall, but will still have blended delivery models.

I haven’t heard of any colleges and universities that are 100% remote, but there may be some. Most of the ones I have heard about offer a mix. A student might be able to decide to do all their courses remote, but other students at the same university might have some in person classes.

There’re a lot of them.

see GW

D20 has 5 in-person and 1 hybrid, so pretty close. The hybrid is a seminar class. Maybe she has a unicorn schedule?

Not around here. I live in Chapel Hill. I am not aware of any in North Carolina that are 100% online.