In State tuition at OOS school

It may have been on my state school tour or from a guidance counselor or just someone who had first hand experience, but I remember being told that:

If an out of state public university has a major not offered at your in-state university, then you can pay in-state tuition price at that Out of State School.

For reference, I live in Connecticut and my state school (UConn) does not offer Biochemistry as a major. If I’m remembering that statement correctly, I would be able to go to UT-Austin for in-state price, as I would be applying as a major that is not offered at my own state school.

Can anyone confirm or deny if this is a real thing, or am I going insane.

I researched it and apparently this only applies within the 6 New England states. Pretty disappointing because I would have really liked to go to UT Austin for an in-state price.

I’ll leave this thread here in case other people in New England didn’t know about this.

@Chrane03 What you are referring to is a regional tuition exchange, where each school has different majors available to residents in that region. If you receive the tuition exchange, you usually won’t pay more than 150% of in-state tuition. However, for most states, their flagships campuses (think UT Austin, University of Washington etc.) do not participate in regional tuition exchanges at the undergraduate level.

Hope that helps!

There are a number of state schools that have arrangements With OOS schools with a variety of terms, stipulations, or none at all. You have to see what your state has in terms of those agreements.

Ohio publics often offer special tuition rates to out of state residents within their service zones. For example, UCincy If you live near the Ohio border it’s worth checking.

Some are part of the Midwest exchange, too.

Unrelated, but be sure to check actual costs and potential OOS scholarships. My D’s moderately high GPA/ACT qualified her for the National Buckeye Scholarship at Ohio State that made it cheaper than in-state Penn State.