"In state tuition" for international students graduating from US High School

I hope this thread will be very helpful to students (on h4 visa) who will graduate from US High school and apply to Colleges.
My son is graduating from a high school in PA. He is in H4 visa and our I-140 was approved in 2012. However, because of decades’ long backlog we couldn’t apply for I-485. As I was searching for his college options, I found that Penn State and Temple will always consider him as 'international student" (even if we are paying all state and federal taxes since 2003). Only University of Pittsburgh will consider him as “in-state” for tuition (as we resided in PA for more than 1 year and we have approved I-140) but “international” for everything else (means no financial aid and max $2000 scholarship). I hope you will share your experience with different Universities in different states

https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/financial-aid-scholarships/2125616-state-resident-tuition-through-high-school-graduation-within-state.html lists states where graduation from high school in the state after enough attendance or residency gives residency for tuition purposes.

You may want to check which states allow international students to use these provisions. For example, Texas does.

Thanks for the info. It includes 24 states. I would like to know whether some Universities in other states ( like the Upitt in PA) have some policies that benefits resident 'international" students.

Most states make a distinction between statuses that allow immigration intent (like H-4) and statuses that prohibit immigration intent (like F-1 or J-1). H-4 students are allowed, under federal law, to establish a domicile in the US, so most states have opted to treat them like US citizens when it comes to in-state residency determinations.

It seems like Pennsylvania is an outlier and does not have a binding state-wide policy on that matter. I am sorry to hear that this is giving you problems.

One word of caution if your son decides to attend the University of Pittsburgh: your son will probably age out of H-4 status before he finishes college. At that point he will probably have to switch to an F-1 student visa, which may prompt the university to re-classify him as an out-of-state student. If money is a concern, I would urge you to clarify this situation with the university well ahead of time.

b@r!um thanks for your post. Upitt “residency” officer informed me that once they decide the “in-state” status, that will remain the same even if he switches to F1 visa later. we are hoping that he will get some good offer elsewhere. Otherwise Upitt is his best option with “in state” tuition.