Inappropriate Ads on CC

The top banner ad that just popped up was for weapons/guns. Given that a solid chunk of your audience here is young posters, it seems pretty inappropriate IMO.

@doschicos, thanks for reporting! Yes, totally agree, these ads are inappropriate and we have them banned (as a category). However, advertisers keep finding new ways to push them through. Next time you see this, can you please take a screenshot and send it to We need it so that we isolate the source.

Thanks, @CCadmin_Sorin!

Now I want to keep refreshing to see which ads they are. I never pay any attention to the ads.

I usually don’t either but this one stood out to me. I guess it was so incongruous to this site that it caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

Now that I’m paying attention I keep getting Petco, Applebee’s and CarMax ads.

@CCadmin_Sorin I emailed you a snapshot of the gun ad I’ve been seeing.