**Incoming 2015 CSUMB Class Acceptances and Decisions**

We should be pretty close to hearing from CSUMB so I decided to start this thread for those who applied, who are accepted, decisions, etc. for the incoming 2015 class.

Kid applied to Computer Science. We’re very happy with the campus, location, WUE, small student population, and the general attitude of the campus relative to others looked at. It’s a “We try harder” attitude for this emerging Cal State campus relative to the big and better known ones. Think the faculty- student ratio will be very beneficial.

We love the newness but also the funkiness of the old military base and the close proximity to Silicon Valley for intern and possible job prospects. We think it is a great little CSU secret at a very affordable price for OOS students!

I applied too, so I should get a decision any day now. But Seaside, is a very dangerous city. Lots of shootings

Anyone heard anything yet? I’m anxiously awaiting!

I just called. They said no acceptances have gone out and it will be into March and April that they willbe sending them.

Thanks @Mary45 That is helpful information for planning purposes and saves us a phone call.

I hope that was accurate! It made me feel better because we haven’t heard, of course. I have a message in to a different person about my son’s transcripts so I will verify with her when she calls me back, hopefully tomorrow.

I note that sign-ups for orientation sessions for new admits start March 16 so hopefully they let us know before that! :-S

Kid received his conditional acceptance today- finally! :slight_smile: Out of state; Computer Science and Information Technology. Pretty strong stats for MB. Another kid CA bound. Looking forward to the new facility for his major.

I received my acceptance too! Mathematics major.

Son was accepted last week. We are so excited!

swimdogmom, we feel the same as you. We instantly fell in love with CSUMB. We are just waiting now for confirmation that he is denied at Cal Poly, we are assuming he is. If he somehow got accepted there we would be a little confused. He is waffling between computer science and marine science. He has a love for both. I admit, CSUMB is the school I was hoping he would go to.

Where did you see the information for March orientations? I’d like to check it out. Were you able to visit the school in person?

I live 30 minutes away. The from CSUMB. The campus is cool. A little weird that it is surrounded by old barracks. If you look online on the after you’re accepted tab, it’ll talk about orientations sign ups.

I found it and thanks Turq! We took a campus tour at an open house a few months ago. We loved the campus and atmosphere. =) How convenient to live so close! We are in the central valley so our son will be living on campus.

@ManyXsBlessed‌ Well that’s ironic! We have a kid at Cal Poly (Architecture) and now a kid at CSUMB. Biased here, but all things considered, go with CP for either MB or CS - It is an OUTSTANDING school and the kids are so happy there! A bunch of brainiacs as I tease my CP kid, but I know of NOBODY who regretted their decision to attend CP. It is an outstanding opportunity if your kid is accepted.

CSUMB however is an excellent choice for my kid who was just accepted. He actually turned down his acceptance to CP a couple of years ago because you have to commit to a major at that U and he personally was not ready for that. I loved both campuses - and I particularly love the proximity to the beach at CSUMB . (I’m ready to personally sign up - ha!) I’m also convinced that a degree from CSUMB is just as valuable as a degree from the better known CSUs- it’s the experiences and what you make of your degree more so than from where you got it from. Most important thing about CSUMB? My kid liked it there and that means everything!

As to the orientation sessions, have your kid check out their Otter Portal. There is a blurb in there about orientation session registration starting in mid-March. There are several sessions from what I understand.

Congrats to our kids, eh?

Yes- we are super excited! My son’s dream school has always been CSUMB. We just wouldn’t be able to turn down the opportunity at CP if he gets the offer though. We will be thrilled with either. At this point we’d be happy just knowing where! I’ll have another son applying in 2 years and he will definitely be applying at CP, he’ll have a higher chance of getting in, so we may have one at each school too!

I got my acceptance! Communications major, in state.


I still haven’t gotten anything… But the little blurb that says my admission status is gone now… Does that mean anything at all or is it a bad connection… I’m really scared

Ours said, “Congratulations on being conditionially accepted” or something like that until we paid the acceptance registration fee. Maybe send an email? Have you received any emails? Good luck.

We also have a non-existent admission status on her dashboard - and it’s been that way for a while. We emailed admissions and they said they were having IT issues and that they didn’t know when it would be fixed. I am going to email again mid-week, as many students have already received their statuses. They did not put up a notice or email applicants about this glitch. I find the situation very unprofessional. Good luck to everyone.