Increased Père Marquette Award

I’ve read through threads from previous years and noticed some students received additional PM awards in the spring. Our daughter will most likely be attending Marquette in the fall and we’re hoping she’ll be awarded additional scholarships beyond the 18K PM award she’s already received. Has anyone had their PM scholarship increased for 2023 graduates?

@Longitude My daughter would like to attend Marquette but it is slightly out of our price range. Did you ever get an answer to additional PM awarded? And if your daughter ended up attending, how is it so far? Thanks!

In terms of financial aid rather than scholarship money (although maybe this could work?) I know that a lot of private universities will match the amount that another school offers. For example, if I get accepted into college A with $X in aid, and I get accepted into college B with $B in aid, and I like college A more than college B, but college B offered more money, I am able to email college A and ask them to match college B’s offer. This worked for many of my friends.


I am curious; did your receive an increased merit award? I spoke with an admissions counselor and she indicated that Marquette does not make additional merit awards after March 1.