Indiana-Bloomington questions...

<p>I am trying to make out my list of prospective grad schools. Indiana-Bloomington has an attractive French Linguistics program and I have put it on my list :-)</p>

<p>Questions about the town though. Is it a pedestrian-friendly town? How is the public transportation system there? Is it expensive to live there in ters of rent? How is the weather? (I actually prefer the cold and detest hot weather.)</p>

<p>Thanks to anyone that can answer.</p>

<p>Cannot answer questions about public transportation or housing costs, but I've been to Bloomington as a visitor several times. It is actually located in a very nice recreational and scenic part of Indiana. The town is close to campus, and definitely walkable. The campus, however, is large compared to some, and a bike may be a better alternative. </p>

<p>Weather is varied, with a full four seasons. Fall and Summer are popular times for visitors, with the nearby lakes, and good fall color.</p>

<p>Indiana is indeed excellent in French. And the campus is gorgeous and the town is quaint, safe and fun. </p>

<p>I am not sure about public transportation though. But since it is small and clean and safe, I would imagine that it is good for pedestrians.</p>

<p>The university has a bus system that runs all over town. It is easy to get around. A lot of people use bicycles, too. (and back when I attended IU, horses and buggies.... :) )</p>

<p>lol....thanks for the info. will keep it on my list then :-)</p>