Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and College of Arts & Sciences

Can students take courses in both Indiana University Bloomington schools? Can students earn undergraduate degrees in both?

What if you want to take classes in (or double major in) Jazz Studies and a traditional liberal arts subject like English, political science or economics?

Do you apply separately to each school? Do the schools talk to one another?


My son applied to IU and then JSM. My understanding yes both schools talk to each other. They are in the same campus. For JSM there are auditions.
There is a separate music forum. I think you will find more answers on that forum on music schools and double degree etc.

Did your son end up choosing IU/JSOM? I have a son going the the process this year. Waiting for results from JSOM.

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I just saw this. At the end my son picked CIM. Let me know if you have any questions. If you get in hold on for the financial aid. We got extra money from them towards the end.

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Thanks! I hope your son is happy at CIM. CIM was on my son’s early list — he visited twice and even did a shadow day at the beginning of his Junior year (pre-COVID). In the end, he wanted a full college experience but didn’t like Case Western.

Did your son actually get into JSOM? My concern is that he gets into IU but not JSOM. Don’t know if he would pick IU without JSOM. I’ve heard that if you don’t get in you can do the music track as an undeclared (University student) and then reapply to declare the music major after your 1st year.

Hi, yes he got in both. He is taking some classes at Case but most of his classes are in CIM. 3 in person classes and rest classes are all in zoom.
He really likes his studio teacher. He really clicked with him and that was it.
I hope all works out for you. Is your son applying to music composition?

Thanks! I hope you son has a good year. So glad he is enjoying CIM. My son applied for music performance (violin)…still waiting with fingers crosed.

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My son is in the same place with JSOM after the review his audition. He got into IU. Now He has an interview with them March 6. Anyone know what he should expect ? Good sign? When do they decide/ send admission emails ?

Is your son applying for a BM in violin at JSOM or another instrument? Mine hasn’t heard back yet.

He is applying for a BM in Oboe Performance. He has heard that he has an interview on March 6th with the faculty. Has your son heard from them regarding an interview? I think at JSOM they also expect my son to play via Zoom.

He hasn’t heard anyting yet. Good luck to your son on March 6th! All this waiting is killing me…thank goodness for this message board. Any little bit of info is helpful. IU is my son’s 1st choice…how about yours?

I’m not sure he knows. Have you seen JSOM? IU? We were only able to see one before the pandemic began. He likes that school but has applied to several.

The waiting is really hard here too!

We are East coast and have only visited 1 of his 6 schools. I was trying to make plans to visit over spring break (end of March), but most of the campuses will be closed to visitors, I think. Still, we might visit IU / JSOM anyway — just so he sees it. He has 2 West Coast schools and wouldn’t you know those are the ones that are showing him alot of attention now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for IU though.

We have only visited Lawerence in Appleton Wi. I looked this weekend and almost all campuses have said they are closed to visitors. One of our son’s is kind of on the east cost CMU. I have no idea how these kiddos are going to make the decisions? Maybe accepted students events - which will likely be virtual - will help?

We’ve taken to watching YouTube videos by current students (day in the life, move in day, etc) – I really hope we will be able to get to a few. I have twins, so I am trying to visit at least 6 (I’m letting them visit their top 3 each).