Indians at HKUST...


<p>Was wondering how many Indians there are in HKUST as of now, joining next year and/or applying and keen on joining ?!!</p>

<p>To give you a head start, heres one:</p>

<li>Sarthak Sahai (joining September 2010, Mechanical Engineering)</li>

<p>EVERYONE: We have started a facebook group by the name of "Future HKUST International Students", for all those who are almost certain they will be joining HKUST this Fall 2010... Please join if you wanna make contacts before actually stepping foot into University! will make your life soo much easier and its good to know people from different programs in the same Uni !
However, if you arn't certain that you'll be joining HKUST, please don't join the group yet...</p>


i am pretty sure i will be goin yo hkust
for comp eng</p>

<p>Oh okie, got accepted already ?? There are about 15 Indians/Pakistanis going to UST this year! It should be a good community...</p>

any 1 from calcutta</p>

<p>Dear Sahai,
I am Akash Agarwal, joining for the MSc Telecom program for in HKUST Fall '10.</p>

<pre><code> Contact me via mail :

<p>Hi, guys. I am joining M.Sc Telecom this Fall at HKUST. You can mail me from my profile page.</p>