Info about University of New Haven

<p>I see that there is a thread for the University of New Haven. D's major is here and I was wondering if anyone has an info about this school, the surroundings, and whatnot. Thanks.</p>

<p>My son is a student at UNH. I'd be happy to answer questions.</p>

<p>I'm a Jersey Shore Dad. My hs junior is interested in the music industry program. Do you have any familiarity with that? How are the campus and the surrounding area?</p>

<p>Just FYI: I go to school in New Haven, and while its reputation as a ghetto is exaggerated, it is not the safest place and caution must be exercised in some parts of the city. That said, it's a vibrant place with lots to do and it's basically impossible to grow bored. NH is home to lots of restaurants, shops, concerts (Toad's Place is a popular venue) and cultural events, so the nightlife is engaging. Just be careful and keep in mind that it's a city.</p>

<p>My brother John lives in New Haven and his car has been broken into twice. I think it's a dangerous town.</p>


<p>To clarify, the University of New Haven is NOT in New Haven. It's in the very residential suburb of West Haven. Please do not confuse it with the inner-city area, because it's not that way at all.</p>

<p>If I live in CT, I attend a private school right now, my gpa is a 3.70, and i want to go for dental hygiene how great of a chance do i have getting accepted?
I haven't started my SATS yet but how major are my SAT scores for being accepted?
And how likley would i be able to get a scholarship of some sorts?</p>

<p>I am also interested in majoring at the music industry program at UNH. is it a good place to go to college when it comes to the whole music scene/city scene ?</p>

<p>Hey everybody, I am currently a senior in high school and I am considering UNH as a possible college for me next fall. I visited UNH once this year on accepted students day and i found it to be really interesting. I feel that the school is trying to bribe students/parents to attend or to send their kids to attend there. As soon as I arrived on campus they gave out t-shirts for the specific college you were accepted to and a duffel bag. I mean free gifts are great and it was nice of them to do so, so i didnt really have a problem with them trying to advertise their school. Then as the welcome session began they started out giving away $20 money/giftcards to anybody that could answer their question. I thought this was a way of bribing students to go there. </p>

<p>UNH has great facilities and everything seems like state of the art. The city around UNH in my opinion seemed a little run down and not such a great neighborhood but it may be due to the winter weather at the time. UNH is sectioned off from the surrounding city so its like its own little community/town. I especially like the dorms of the school which are spacious in my opinion for the number of students liviing in them. I went to a classroom for BIOLOGY and the professor did not seem excited to give us a "mock class." He was very monotone and came off as disinterested. Although he seemed like a very knowledgeable person, he was very blunt. He said if you don't do exceptionally well on the MCAT then the chances of going to med school is basically non existent. I felt as a future pre-med student that this was very discouraging. Although it may be true due to the competitveness of med school, the professor should encourage students and be more "nice" about stating things. The class room itself seemed like a jail cell with concrete walls and a little window at the front of the room for natural light. Overall I like UNH but it seems that their main focus is in the Criminal Justice major.</p>

I heard about professor Glenn McGee who recently joined this university. I’ve red that he is an excellent expert and he can help this university to achieve its goals. I heard only good things from my cousin who attented this university some years ago and I found this article which gives a proofs about his professionalism:

Love New Haven. Most active city in CT and beach boardwalk OK. Just stay out of the Hill, Fair Haven neighborhoods. As you would stay out of some neighborhoods in city