Input Wanted: Pros & Cons of BS

<p>I won't be a boarder, but I'm curious: what to people like or dislike about going to these schools, like andover, exeter, and so forth?</p>

<p>Well, I'm not at Andover or Exeter or the like, but...</p>

<p>I like:
-small class biggest class is 9, my smallest is 4
-living with my friends...there's always somebody to hang out with or for homework help
-living with my teachers...easy access for homework help and you really get to know them
-close relationships with the faculty...I have a really good relationship with one of my houseparents, it's really nice to have someone I know I can go to about anything
-no boys...I feel comfortable being myself and talking in class, we can run around acting like idiots and there's no guys to judge us on that</p>

<p>I don't like:
-it can be hard to get off's been easier this year than last year because a day student friend of mine has a car and usually I can find someone to take me somewhere, but last year it was hard to get off campus anytime except during the shuttle times
-living with my friends...sometimes you just need some alone time and you can't get it, when you're in a fight with someone you can't get away from them
-everyone knows everything about everyone...any kind of gossip travels so fast, especially in a small school like mine
-no would be nice to see the opposite sex more than occasionally</p>

<p>The advantages outweigh the disadvantages for me. I love boarding school and my school in particular. I don't think there's any experience like going to boarding school and I really appreciate the fact that I've been able to experience it.</p>

<p>thnx! i really appreciate your input!</p>

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<p>Arky: what school do you go to?? I was looking at all-girls schools only throughout the admissions process and I am going to Miss Hall's this fall.</p>

<p>bump, bump! i love the input arky, but unfortunatly i would be a day student at a co-ed school</p>

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<p>Artsmart, you might relax just a bit. Bumping the thread up every hour or so is just going to get on people's nerves. You might also search old posts - there have been lots of discussions in the past about the pros and cons of boarding school. Most of the current participants here have not actually BEEN to boarding school yet.</p>

<p>I haven't been to boarding school yet but next year I am going to an all girls school. my list looks like this:</p>

<p>Pros: no boys
Cons: no boys</p>

<p>ha ha ha. :D</p>

Living with your friends
Living with your teachers
having small classes
being able to walk to you classes/sports
having all your classmates on your teams
having the extra support
really learning things about people
trying new things
meeting new, interesting people
stepping outside your comfort zone
about 100000 more pros!!</p>

living with your teachers =]
Living within a "bubble"
Lots of work
pressure to do well
lack of sleep at times
walking to classes in the cold
always having to participate
hmm...not much else</p>