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Maybe the simple answer is that your vaccine protected you. When it’s said that vaccinated people exposed to Covid can still get it and spread it, it doesn’t mean that every vaccinated person will get Covid after exposure.


No idea what I had, I don’t think they knew either.

while home spread is common it is only ~20% between spouses, most of whom share the same bed.

Transmission to a susceptible person who hasn’t had chickenpox is roughly 8x more likely from a primary VZV infection than a HZV reactivation if memory serves.

I’d be really surprised if genetics weren’t involved somehow. When my oldest likely had it (via x-ray due to tests not being plentiful at the beginning) his wife never seemed to catch it. She was never tested to know if she had it asymptomatically or not though.

In addition to the odd “who catches it” cases (at times), there’s also the deal with two seemingly identical people getting it and one is asymptomatic but the other dies. This happens through all ages, races, and genders. There has to be something to it, but what?

was your oldest tested for viral pneumonia?

I’m not sure. He was diagnosed with a “lower respiratory infection, likely Covid” based upon the x-ray. This was in March 2020 when so much was new, but he’s the one who had long hauler symptoms until getting his Moderna vaxxes this past April/May.

Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is a meta-analysis of various studies finding an overall 16.6% secondary attack rate between household and family contacts. For the small number of studies that checked spouses specifically, the overall secondary attack rate against spouses was 37.8%.

However, this meta-analysis was published in December 2020, when the COVID-19 environment for the studies being analyzed involved variants less contagious than Delta, but also no vaccines.

Also went to a dinner party last Saturday, six of us, one (asymptomatic tested due to an exposure) tested positive Tuesday. None of the rest of us have developed any symptoms nor tested positive (not sure who else has tested, I did on day 5, negative). As far as I know none of the original cases’s children have tested positive (her daughter who is my D’s age has been in school). Everyone is vaccinated but I don’t think most of us have had boosters. Still time of course, we are only on day 9, but it looks pretty good. We also know a family where only one family member tested positive; the others never did despite limited ability to isolate. My D was over there the day the family member tested positive (though without direct close contact) and she was fine too.

Although there is a characteristic radiology presentation of COVID, it requires CT and isn’t pathognomonic. That said, you know the old saying if it looks like a duck.

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Pre-vaccination (last November) my college aged son went to a football watching/snack eating party at an apartment with 6 friends and by the end of the week all 7 had tested positive with symptoms (thankfully none serious; thankfully son was living in an apartment and didn’t come home in that time period). One developed symptoms and tested positive a day or two after and the rest later that week. Wouldn’t the answer be that vaccination protected some of the dinner party of 8 mentioned above. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do?


That is the most obvious explanation – vaccines do help significantly. Although the Delta variant does have a higher rate of breakthrough infections, it is also not too surprising that those occurred only in those who had the greatest exposure to the index case.

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I am sure you are right. I was actually pretty worried that perhaps my Pfizer vaccine was not so protective after 7 months. But I am certain it must still be effective enough. The uncertainty of course is that there is no way to tell how much longer it will provide immunity.

@one_two yes, you are right. I think our concern was that those of us who haven’t come down with covid were all vaccinated well over 6 months ago, and we thought our immunity may have waned. The couple who are currently sick with covid were vaccinated in May, a month after I was. So many factors could be at play.

According to Regeneron COVID-19 Dashboard , Delta variants are still the main ones in the US. Note that while the original Delta variant is named B.1.617.2 in PANGO lineage, the AY.whatever variants are descendents of that – AY is an alias for B.1.617.2, according to Cov-Lineages (so AY.44 = B.1.617.2.44). suggests that a two hour dinner with one person who has COVID-19, no masks, normal talking, 3 feet distance, no masks, you have Pfizer*2 vaccine has about a 4.8% of you getting COVID-19.

If you were not vaccinated, it would estimate a 28% chance of you getting COVID-19.

It may also matter (a) how close you were sitting to #6 at the dinner table, and (b) what kind of airflow the room had.

What about this vaccine in trials. it seems promising. Most people I know that are relectant are because the of the unknown of MNRA . They might pick this instead

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BriLife is a viral vector vaccine, somewhat similar in concept to the Janssen/J&J and AZ vaccines, but with some differences:

  • It uses vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) instead of an adenovirus.
  • The modified VSV can still replicate, unlike the modified adenovirus in the other vaccines.

What are viral vector-based vaccines and how could they be used against COVID-19? | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance describes viral vector vaccines, but does not mention the BriLife vaccine.

Note that VSV infection in humans can cause flu-like symptoms for a few days.

“There is innovation associated with the Israeli vaccine that potentially addresses this terrible virus better than other technologies,” said Dr. Jonathan Javitt, CEO of NeuroRx”

The keyword here is “potentially.” My coworkers and I have cured many diseases in mice in our biotech careers; sorry, I take any news article about miracle cures with a large grain of salt.


SARS-CoV-2 can infect deer, according to .

And dogs and cats, according to Dog, cat owners with COVID-19 often pass it to pets | CIDRAP .

Now we will find out that deer ticks carry it along with Lyme!

Three snow leopards at the Lincoln Children’s zoo died from COVID complications.