Insight on the quality of Chemistry or Physics major at Dartmouth College?

Title says it all. Has anyone here had any experience with it? At first, I was a humanities person but those two sciences are starting to look really juicy, especially chemistry. I’m good at math and all, so no worries about that. There’s not much information on the web specifically for Dartmouth College so hopefully I’ll find something here. Let me know, and thanks.

The Chem department is notoriously brutal. The quarter system is not conducive to the classes in the department, and the professors seem… not as dedicated to undergrads as other departments. I don’t really know anything about the physics department, so sorry about that!

@banana872 not to disparage leave dartmouth’s comment, or negate her experience, but I disagree with part of what she said

The chem INTRO classes are notoriously brutal. I think it’s less to do with the quarter system itself but more that the classes are large and profs teaching the chem intro courses tend to not be passionate about doing so. They will, like all Dartmouth professors, help if you ask for it, but are less engaged than most Dartmouth faculty.

My peers who take chem or are premed tend to enjoy it if they make it through said intro courses. They are rough, but I would add the caveat that STEM intro courses generally are rough at most elite colleges as friends of mine at several have attested to. And in many of those you have TAs rather than profs to deal with.

I will also add that I’ve heard only good things about the physics department.

Some chemistry intro courses (general and organic chemistry) may be shared with pre-meds, so that can add to the competition (regardless of college).

I definelty am worried about the quarter system when it comes to subjects like chem, but I think most top universities have super brutal chem. Maybe Dartmouth is a bit worse idk