Interested in Global Health? Call for submissions: The Pre-Collegiate Global Health Review

Hi everyone, just wanted to share an opportunity for interested high schoolers!

I am an Executive Editor of The Pre-Collegiate Global Health Review, the first international, peer-reviewed publication that features articles on global health topics written by pre-collegiate students. PGHR is a Johns Hopkins University student and faculty-led project within the Undergraduate Program in Public Health Studies. PGHR accepts submissions from high school students around the world and has no article submission or publication fees.

If you are interested in having the opportunity to publish and share your work and ideas at the international scale as a high school student, this opportunity is for you. Additionally, publishing in PGHR would be a great addition to your resume/CV when applying to highly selective colleges, internships, and other programs.

By submitting to PGHR, you will learn about the peer-review submission process, expand your knowledge about topics in the field of global health, engage with and spread awareness on crucial health issues and disparities, and learn how to write intelligently and effectively.

To learn more, please feel free to visit or email us at!