Interesting decline in college enrollment

For all of the discussions about waitlists, shocking rejections, massive increases in applications, and colleges that are over enrolled for 2021, apparently there are fewer students actually enrolling this year. It seems like the hardest hit institutions are the community colleges but it makes me wonder about the small privates that have been struggling.

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Fall 2020 showed a similar pattern as spring 2021, with a significant drop in public two year college enrollment.

Community college enrollments down nationally, but not everywhere , from late fall 2020, has some information on the matter.

I’m guessing that a decline in working class incomes and a rise in unemployment among this same group also means a decline in their ability to afford college and a need for high school grads to go to work to help the family income.


Flight toward quality as a result of test optional admissions due, in large part, to Covid-19 outbreak / pandemic.

Also, fewer foreign students due to recent political climate & due to Covid-19 restrictions & worries.


I bet if someone drew a pyramid of admissions/schools with the top schools at the top of the pyramid and the cc’s and smaller less known schools at the bottom, the top of the pyramid would be top heavy and the bottom would be essentially wide open. Everything has shifted up. Take the same pyramid just 2 years ago and it is probably more evenly distributed.

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If we think it is bad in the wake of covid, just wait until the predicted decline in the # of college age students around 2026. I think at that time a lot of smaller schools, regional schools and/or schools with small endowments will face closure.


It was stated somewhere that 70% of students apply to the top 30 schools. Everyone else is left in the dust… (these are not exact numbers but you get the idea).

This is for enrollment during a pandemic semester. Remember how bad things were in January? So many people decided to take time off from college, or not start, because it was not value for money during the pandemic. Let’s see what the numbers are like this fall semester.