International Admission at Top School Is Distinctly Meritocratic?

<p>DISCLAIMER: This post focuses on students from OVERREPRESENTED countries.</p>

<p>There are many miracle stories around this forum involving HYPSM. Those 1900-2100 SAT scorers and 3.1-3.5 GPA students who got in with amazing stories/ECs.</p>

<p>But I've never heard of any such story from international students accepted in those schools. While it may be contributed by some major facts such as:
1. HUGE majority of international students have the resources to be in international/private schools.
2. It's extra competitive due to international quota in each school.</p>

<p>I believe that if these schools are truly holistic, then they should give some considerations to under-privileged international students who didn't have as many opportunities as others. If there are under-privileged students in US, there are under-privileged students in overrepresented countries such as India, China, and Korea. But how come I don't hear any miracle stories from these countries? Do they think all Asians have the money to attend some SAT/AP prep academies?</p>

<p>You might have sensed some emotions in this post. Regardless of that, I'd want to hear any stories of underprivileged internationals who got into HYPSM despite coming from over-represented countries. Immigrant families don't count since the US is choke-full of opportunities compared to where they come from.</p>