International feeder schools to top US universities

I recently read a Reddit post by a former AO that international students have a very low chance of getting admitted to top US universities unless they attend a feeder school, either in the US or their own countries.

Which schools outside of the US are considered feeder schools to top US universities? I can think of Raffles Institution in Singapore. Which others have such a reputation?

Eton, Westminster, Harrow

Thanks. The US appears to be an increasingly popular destination for students of selective private schools in the UK.

The three schools you listed are also traditional feeders to Oxbridge. I wonder whether they feel threatened by this trend.

I highly doubt it. Most UK 6th formers will still study at UK unis.

Daewon, Minjok.

Given the number of students from India and China in the US, are there feeder schools to top US universities in those two countries? Or do they come from a broad cross-section of secondary schools?

You mean the high schools in Korea?


Are you Korean? Cuz I am a Korean student applying for US college Fall 2021

Not sure about “top” but my daughter said at least 8 of the kids in her freshman year at NYU attended the same (private) Chinese high school. I don’t know any more details about it.

Thanks. Interesting - I wonder whether it is a local private school, an affiliate of a Western secondary school (e.g., Dulwich, Wellington) or a UWC.

NYU is also pretty big.

Various HS’s across the world have a concentration of high achievers. Not sure why you care about feeders, though (other than for bragging rights). Typically, these HS’s have attributes that matter more than where their grads matriculate.

Delhi Public School RK Puram, New Delhi
Dhirubai Ambani School

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I just wasn’t aware that admission to a top US college is so limiting for international students and was curious whether it’s really true.

Are Cathedral and John Connon Mumbai, and Jayshree Periwal Jaipur considered feeder schools too? Many students from both have gotten into Ivies, some even with scholarships.

the IASAS schools in Asia. UWCs also

Thanks, @cricketfan23 and @anhe2021. Familiar with UWCs but not the Indian schools and IASAS - really interesting histories.