International freshman: better to transfer or apply as freshman?

<p>Hi, I am freshman of a international college that want to study at US, it is better to apply as tranfer or as freshman? considering that not every classes is tranferable and my college GPA is low (3.2)</p>

<p>Neither option is very good. You won't get into especially good schools via transfer because of your low GPA, and most schools will balk at admitting someone as a freshman who's already completed freshman year elsewhere.</p>

<p>by the freshman option I meant to hide my college record.... Is it a wise idea? my HS record even is more decent.</p>

<p>It's a terrible idea. You'll have to make up what you've been doing over the past year ("nothing" won't cut it for good schools), and that level of lying combined with the coordination you'd have to have with high school teachers and counselors to also have them lie means you're almost certain to fail. And that will get you an automatic rejection.</p>

<p>More importantly, if they find out you lied after you get in (even after you start attending), they can kick you out, no questions asked.</p>

<p>that sounds scary... thank you dude...
so now only thing I can do is nothing more than to try rebuild GPA?</p>

<p>There are plenty of colleges out there which will take you with a 3.2, especially if you're not asking for financial aid. Just not the famous ones.</p>

<p>May I just ask where you are from? Because in some countries a 3.2 is pretty darn good and nothing to be ashamed of!</p>

<p>Yes, I should clarify that my response is based on you aiming for the kind of colleges that internationals aim for (elite, prestigious ones, generally). If you're more flexible and willing to go to a less prestigious college, you'll definitely be able to find somewhere that you'll get into. Many less prestigious colleges actually are more likely to admit internationals, since they get few.</p>

<p>I am from Ecuador :-(... but my current college is the hardest of the country(but it still suck comparing to US college) I am aiming some good publics like Umich, GAtech and UCLA, I dont need aid... thanks for input</p>

<p>I am also applying as a freshman though I will have finished a year by Fall 2009. I contacted the colleges I'll be applying to and they all said I should in fact apply as a freshman cos my courses would absolutely not transfer (I'm doing Law and its specific to East Africa). It is a horrible idea to hide the fact that you were in college already from them. Unless you will not have finished a year by the time of entry.</p>

I contacted the colleges I'll be applying to and they all said I should in fact apply as a freshman cos my courses would absolutely not transfer


What are some of these colleges?</p>

<p>I think if you were studying law, all colleges would tell you to apply as a freshmen because your courses wouldn't transfer.</p>

<p>GoBlue81 : Dartmouth, Middlebury, Grinnel, Yale, Carleton. </p>

<p>b@r!um : Brown and Oberlin still required me to apply as a transfer AND Middlebury had initially told me to apply as a transfer then I asked them to let me apply as a freshman.</p>

<p>However, all these colleges still need my university transcript.</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, do the schools that make you apply as a transfer applicant actually give you transfer credit for your law classes? Or do they make you apply as a transfer student and then have you start over as a freshman once you are there?</p>

<p>Oh of course they make me start out as a freshman. Nothing transfers.</p>

<p>Chlormel: so you basically apply as freshman but are treated as transfer because they will look at your college transcript but will place you at freshman year once admitted, right? there is not any advantage... :-(</p>

<p>No they treat me as a freshman but the difference is they have two transcripts to look at. If I was to be treated as a transfer they'd need stuff like professor and dean recommendations (which I'm happy I do not have to submit) and I'd be put in the transfer pool (which is considerably harder to get in from).</p>

<p>i think chormel's option is pretty good</p>