International(Indian) student with a perfect sat score but a an average high school percentage of 85

I’m an Indian applicant aiming for us universities I have an SAT score of 1600 and good EC’s but my high school average percentage is 85% can I get into the Ivy Leagues?


High school performance - grades and course rigor - are typically the most important factor in college admissions. One three hour test won’t offset three years of grades.

Unfortunately, the chances of an international students, especially from India, being accepted to any of the Ivies with a GPA of 85 are extremely small. The only exception would be If your high school has extreme grade deflation, and a 85 would put you in the top 1%-5% of your class, AND you were taking the most rigorous classes that your high school has.

Well I am in the top 5% and it’s not the matter of what classes I took because in Indian schools you can’t choose your own classes you have to study according to the school.

See, here is the thing even if you don’t have a good GPA, you have good a SAT score and good EC’s, but i would suggest that you really work hard on your Essay’s and also give SAT subject tests, it would help Moreover, the whole application process is holistic, usually as much as i know colleges have different categories for applicants in which they score the applicant t from 1( being perfect) to 6(being poor in that category) these categories are 1. EC’s 2.Standerdized tests 3.Atheletics 4.Intelectual vitality 5. GPA 6.Letter of recommendations 7. your interview. This means that even if you get a 3 or a 4 in the GPA category you can increase your chances by getting a 1 or a 2 in other categories, Moreover, just an advice don’t look at the negative responses on college confidential, it really affects you mindset. Best of luck

If you are in the top 5%, and your counselor can speak to that, you may have a better chance. However, you are still competing against many people from India who are in the top 1%-2% in their classes. As for rigor, have you taken the courses that these colleges like seeing, like 4 years of math, 4 years of foreign langues, etc?

Unfortunately, the acceptance rates of international students to the Ivies is usually less than 3%. You would also need some amazing extracurricular activities and national-level awards.

Since you are applying as an international students, you will be held to higher standards than will be American citizens and permanent residents, at least at the colleges in which you seem to be interested.

Can your parents afford an education for you at a private college in the USA?

Finally - what are you looking for in a college in the USA? “The Ivies” are not some monolithic set of schools. They are a set of schools which share a sports league. You need to be a lot more focused, and have a better idea as to what you want from a school, and an idea what the schools themselves want to see in an applicant.