International Interview Thread!!!!!!!! (IIT)

<p>This thread is about everything having to do with interviews!!!! </p>

<p>About time, since our interviews are very different than those of the american applicants. For starters for Harvard you have to initiate contact and for Brown there are people doing phone or self interviews. </p>

<p>I'm having my first interview next friday with an alumni from Harvard and I would love to hear about the interviews all of you had. What did they ask? Did they require information about you before the interview? (mine did) What did they do with that information? What did you ask them ? And very important of course: what did you wear ;)? </p>

<p>input from those who have not had an interview yet is also welcome of course!!!</p>

<p>Btw i'm still expecting an interview from Upenn and maybe Princeton and Dartmouth, what about you guys?</p>


for Harvard you have to initiate contact


This is not true in Eastern Europe, and I am positive about that. Usually, Harvard has different guidelines for countries from which they get "too many" applications - only a small percentage of students (17% last year in Romania) are contacted about the interview by Harvard's Admission Office.</p>

<p>What did they ask? (for Harvard)
First demand was for me to write my SAT scores down on a piece of paper. The interviewer asked me about my future plans, about what I enjoyed doing most, about what books I liked etc. All in all, the interview was a pleasant conversation rather than a heated make-it-or-break-it test.</p>

<p>PLEASE </p>

<p>doesn't anybody else have experience with interviews??? i'm freaking out, only 3 days! what do they ask???</p>

<p>try searching the archives (CC of course) there's a big thread for the upenn interviews, i think, with people posting some of the questions they were asked.</p>

<p>Interviews are great. No need to worry; just think about your passions, interests, goals and dreams. Then relax and enjoy.
Really, it is the nicest piece of the application process.</p>