International Merit Scholarships for class of 2023

Hello all international applicants to UB: I thought of a separate thread to discuss merit awards at UB. My daughter has been accepted and is now awaiting the international admission scholarship. Towards the last week of January, she received a scholarship application form from UB that asked her to send the completed form by February 01, which she did. Now waiting for the scholarship with hope.

Hola, yes I just got the scholarship email this morning like four hours ago. Pretty thrilled, but at the same time, it is making my decision harder.

Hey, I got the scholarship of $10k/year in the morning. I expected it to be around 12k. @heyitsmeagain How much did you get?

My daughter got the international admission scholarship - $8,500 per year. Makes the COA a bit too much as per our budget plans. Daughter is doing Economics Major and also wondering what the job prospects are 4 years from now…@godspeed7: what is your major

@ssundar100 My major is Computer Science.

@ssundar100 @godspeed7 so are you guys gonna go to Ubuffalo?

@heyitsmeagain I’m considering it but I also got an admit from Drexel University. So would probably decide it by April 1st.

@heyitsmeagain: We appealed the scholarship but could not get more than the $8,500 per year. So the COA remains beyond our budget and therefore my D will not be attending UB