International Programs at FSU

<p>My d is very interested in study abroad. Does anyone have any first or second-hand knowledge of the international programs offerred by FSU or of any other study abroad programs whose credits are accepted by FSU?</p>

<p>My sister went to Valencia, Spain with an FSU study abroad program. She went during the summer and took classes that fulfilled liberal arts requirements with her school (history of Spain and some humanities). She absolutely loved it. She said that the campus was also very nice there. After the program, she traveled throughout Europe with my cousin (Italy, France, other parts of Spain).</p>

<p>My friends' daughter attended FSU in London and she loved it.</p>

<p>Cyber - The London programs sound amazing. Do you know which one your D's friends was enrolled in? I like the idea FSU has an actual London campus (noticed they have same at other locations as well). Studying abroad at an actual FSU campus seems to provide added benefits ie studying with a cohort, FSU professors, greater safety in a mni FSU name a few...also others any other feedback about study abroad experiences???</p>

<p>my D is thinking about going to FLORENCE ITALY for freshman year. She received the invitation from FSU in the mail this morning! it looks amazing!!</p>

<p>LaVie- If she selects to do so would Your daughter study in Italy instead of Tallahassee as a freshman?</p>

<p>I got one last week too.. basically your freshman year for fall you will study abroad and afterwards you can stay and complete your summer obligation too or come right back to Florida</p>

<p>blueskymom: yes i think she will go to Italie instead of Tallahassee.</p>

<p>A family member took advantage of this program and traveled Europe extensively as a result, including Eastern Europe.</p>

<p>I am definitely going to study abroad, either in Russia or Panama. However, ideally, I would either like to find another program or find a scholarship. My Spanish teacher does not recommend the program for two reasons:</p>

<li><p>It is very hard to become fluent in a foreign language if you are constantly surrounded by fellow English-speaking students. </p></li>
<li><p>The program is WAAAAY overpriced. $7000+ for a summer in Moscow is ridiculously expensive. This is why I will go to Panama for the Fall semester if I do not find another program. FSU has had a campus in Panama City for over 50 years and it is more reasonably priced.</p></li>

<p>BLUESKYMOM - I saw my friend over the holidays and she said her older daughter took some political science and medieval history courses at the London campus last summer. Her younger sister attends UF but will also be taking FSU courses abroad this summer.</p>

<p>My S received a letter today about the "First Year Abroad (FYA) Fellows Program" which offers him the opportunity to study abroad in London, Florence, Valencia or Panama for his first year (up to 48 credit hours) at a largely all-inclusive cost of $39,500 (cheaper for Panama, and scholarships can be applied), and which, if he completes said first year program, will result in his tuition for the balance of his undergraduate program being changed from the out-of-state to the in-state rate. Can anyone advise whether this is commonly offered to a large segment of the incoming class (how selective is it)? Other thoughts on attractiveness of the opportunity or pros and cons? Thanks.</p>

<p>i will love my D to go abroad! but how can we afford to pay for it? she has some scholasrship from FSU and the 100% bright future, but it's not enough!! she will be short of at least $25000! how people come up with such that ridiculous amount of money? can someone give experiences and advices? thanks!</p>