International Student Acceptance Rates

<p>As we all know some, if not most, college put quotas on the amount of international students they're allowed to accept. So does anyone know where this information can be found on particular schools? I'm looking into </p>

<p>U Wash
U Arizona
Indiana U
U Wisconsin
U Texas Austin</p>

<p>But any information would be nice just to gauge how difficult it is to get in. Collegeboard lists the acceptance percentage but I have a hunch that international numbers are a lot lower.</p>

<p>go to the website and searh for class profile for % of intels in school ....wud give exact details........</p>

<p>and to guage diff is far beyond gaujing the acepted no.</p>

<p>I think USC is the school with the highest percentage of int'ls :) Of cousre it doesn't concern you, but I thought I'd mention it</p>

<p>also UPenn and Carnegie Mellon have a lot of int'ls</p>

<p>Most schools don't publish the specifics of international admissions. I know that at Princeton- thats around 7% I think. I'm not sure about any others though! .... guess where i'm applying :p</p>

<p>USC has 9% int'ls...</p>

<p>SAdly, it is. it's my top choise... Guess being int'l wouldnt help me much here</p>

<p>Whats the point worrying about it? Just cross your fingers and hope for the best.</p>

<p>Yup why do u need to know.. it is all as well gud</p>

<p>the quotas may not reflect the true statement ..also.. it really wont do much gud as many other factor go for work also</p>

<p>"SAdly, it is. it's my top choise... Guess being int'l wouldnt help me much here"</p>

<p>Does a low international student body actually help chances of acceptance?</p>

<p>no, it means that they accept a small percentage of internationals..</p>

<p>It becomes way more difficult if the school has a low accepteance rate for intl.</p>

<p>Not to mention most acceptance rates include the higher % from ED and EA so the real Regular acceptance rate is normally much lower.</p>

<p>ps- happy 1000 post smart!</p>

<p>it also depends from the country that ur applying from. For example, if no one from your country has ever applied to XYZ Uni, then you stand a decent chance at the uni. This is especially true in universities that emphasize ethnic diversity. ex: U Penn Carnegie Mellon Pepperdine..</p>

<p>yay!! that means since i have norwegian citizenship, Upenn wharton will accept me :p !!!</p>

<p>hmmm interesting. What if you were born in some obscure country but you claim citizenship to one that's more well known. Do they look at both or just the one you claim citizenship to?</p>

<p>Thanks Kjoodles ..though at one point of time i made a post that stated that i wud not be able to comlpete 1000 even in 1 yrs..but its only 3 months</p>

<p>just the one they claim citizenship on...</p>