International Student Financial Form

<p>On UVa's website, it's written that international students are required to submit a financial form. When do I have to submit it? Can I submit it after I'm accepted?</p>

<p>Many, many schools require the form after acceptance, but UVa wants it before acceptance. Use the form, available online here: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
Send the same form to all of your schools.</p>

<p>No, you need to use the UVa Financial Guarantee Form. DO NOT use the College Board's form.</p>

<p>The form is the first one here:
Forms</a>, International Students & Scholars Program, U.Va.</p>

<p>Does it have to be submitted my mail? Is email or fax ok?</p>

<p>I think ISO has directions right on the form. It might be best to fax for now, but to also send the hard copies of the documents BUT I defer to the directions that would be coming directly from ISO (International Studies Office).</p>