International Student form Nepal

GPA 3.8+
3 National Achievements
2 International Achievements
4 years of volunteering
Recommend some good schools?

Tentative academic interests?

Biomed engineering

SAT 1460 (Maths: 800, Reading and Writing: 660)


Can I get a full ride??


Aid for international students is very limited and extremely competitive. There are a few top schools that are both “need blind” and “meet full need” for international students. These schools determine your financial need according to their formula (you don’t get to decide what you can afford). They are:

Amherst College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
Yale University

Some may be need aware when you apply, but if admitted, will meet full financial aid (again, based on their calculation of what your financial need is). Some of these are:

Dartmouth College
University of Pennsylvania,
University of Chicago
Swarthmore College
Colgate University
Davidson College
Vassar College
University of Richmond

There are others that may provide some need-based aid or merit based scholarships.

A full ride is VERY hard to achieve, even for US applicants. And it is even more difficult for international applicants.

Please double-check the schools I have listed - my information is a couple of years old and schools may have changed their policies. Information should be on each of their websites.

If you haven’t already, you may want to check out the International Student forum:

Thank you. This really helps.