International Student - Transfer from CC

Hello everyone,

I am an international student from Brazil and currently attending Sierra College in California. I am pursuing an Associates’s Degree in Business Administration and will graduate in Spring 2022.
I am researching for universities allied to International Students, and that also offer financial aid and scholarships so that I can transfer for Fall 2022 to get work on my Bachelor’s.
Let me know how your experience has been!

Thank you in advance,

Maria Pureza

Have you met with your CC advisor since they should know which schools to target?

What is your college budget? Transfers in general get less financial aid either need-based or merit.

What is your college GPA and are looking to stay in California or have no specific geographic preferences?

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The CSU’s will run about $42K per year.
The UC’s will run about $65K per year.
Since those are public schools, their funding comes from taxpayers and scholarships are very small. Even smaller for transfers.

Your options would be to seek out private schools, look at their financial aid web pages, and see if they fund international transfers.

Take advantage of your transfer advisors at your current college. They may be more familiar with local scholarships.

I don’t believe that some of these schools will fully fund your costs, so you need to know your current budget and stay within that budget.

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My budget is $18K per school year (including school and living expenses). So UC’s and CSU’s sadly aren’t an option for me at the moment.
My college GPA is 2.6
I have no specific geographic preferences but would opt for a city that has reliable public transportation so that I don’t have to deal with the costs of having a car.
I have met with my counselor and she recommended that I post on here to connect with other International Students and see what their experiences look like. She also shared a website that has a search tool.

I will be honest with you that with a sub 3.0 GPA, you are going to have a difficult time finding a school that will offer any merit aid so you will need to find colleges that offer need based aid which further limits your options.

You start by looking at colleges that offer good FA to International students then check their websites to see if transfer students are also included.

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