International Supplement help?!? necessary?/?

<p>In many of the schools I'm applying to requires an international supplement from international students. However, on the actual form it says it's not needed for schools with a US curriculum and my school is an American school just overseas.
Do I need to submit this form?
Is it okay to send this form in after the date?

<p>If you attend an American school then I guess you do not need to send International Supplement. However if I were you, I guess I would send email to admissions office and verify it with them.</p>

<p>BTW it is not okay to send anything after deadlines.</p>

<p>^ Way to not make him panic. Supporting documents can usually arrive a bit after the deadline; it will take colleges a few weeks after christmas to assemble all files anyway. (Just notice that many colleges accept SAT or ACT scores from test dates whose score reports are not available until after the application deadline.)</p>

<p>You do not need the international supplement. If you are at all concerned that colleges might tag your application as incomplete by accident, just let them know that you are not submitting the supplement because you are attending an American school abroad.</p>

<p>If your counselor indicated that your school follows an AP based curriculum while filing the school information, then you are not needed to file an International Supplement.</p>

<p>If your school doesn't follow an AP based curriculum, you have to file one International supplement. </p>

<p>Make sure that your counselor checked the box to indicate that your school follows an AP based curriculum. Then, ISS would not be required.</p>

<p>Thank you so much.
I am a girl btw ;)</p>

<p>Do the colleges update one's account with 'received international supplement' or does one have to cross check it with the colleges?</p>