International transfer... HELP

<p>Hello, I'm an undergraduate economics major in a venezuelan university looking for an international transfer in fall 2011. After 2 semesters (42 credits) I have GPA of 15.66/20.00 (10 minimum grade for a pass), which is not great, but pretty good over here. The thing is that put in the 4.0 american GPA scale it doesn't look that great. I got a 105 in the iBT Toefl, and 1960 in the SAT (710 Critical reading, 660 Math and 590 Writing).
I sent my scores to UMass Amherst, UVermont, UMaine Orono and Syracuse, but I think I'm aming a bit to low, what do you think, should I be more ambitious?
The thing is I'm a bit worried because even though I have pretty decent SAT scores, most schools say that if you are applying for a transfer and have passed more than 30 credits, these won't be taken into account.</p>

<p>Overall, should I be aiming higher or lower, and what would colleges should I be looking at???</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>