International Transfer Student, need help !!!

<p>Hi I just finished my first year in US community college in Texas. And I am looking to transfer to University. But problem is I am not looking for the ordinary University, my goal is to transfer to the one of top Business Schools in the Country, as my major gonna be International Business and other problem is I can't afford University. That's why I am thinking to take OPT after I get Associate Degree. I have 3.10 GPA right now and I am working very hard to improve it.</p>

<p>Please need help if someone knows biz school which can offer more fin aid.</p>

<p>By the way I am from Turkmenistan, Central Asia.</p>

<p>3.10 GPA for a top business school transfer isn't that stellar. and finaid is very very limited for transfer students, more so for international transfer students...</p>

<p>I agree with depr91 about the amount of fin aid that's available for (international) transfer students. Do you do anything else that could impress the admission committee? Do you have professors who could back you up with their well-written recommendation letters?</p>

<p>Thank y'all guys for respond ...</p>

<p>Actually I am going boost up my GPA over 3.50 so I can get to the Phi Theta Kappa. And still I have a year till the end. And I was thinking of taking a year OPT (Optional Practical Training). I think that will give me some more shiny teeth for Admission and Financial Aid Office. My Accounting professor is great and my Economics professor is former President of the Bank of America. (I am not showing offf guys), just saying that if they can give me a good recommendation I think it will work out. Also I am a Student Ambassador; Accounting, Math Tutor; working as a Cardette Escort; and member of Student Government Association.
As my interested major is International Business, I am planning to take a semester Study Abroad program in Europe and a semester in Asia.
It's not my target the top ten biz schools, just need some school in top 30 or 40 but nor less.
I was wondering about University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.</p>

<p>Thanks guys earlier ...</p>