internationals united!!!! HELP

i could really really use some advice:</p>

<p>Im a senior from croatia. my GPA is around 4.5(on a 1-5 scale) i had 3 Cs in my junior year(but we have 17 courses throughout the year so most of my other grades are A). my SAT1 is 1300(620m 680v). TOEFL is 273(computer based).i would probably need a full financial aid.these are the colleges i was thinking of:</p>

<p>colgate- earlydecision
bryn mawr
mount holyoke

<p>do i have a chance at ANY of those? especially COLGATE since im planning to apply ED and i would need full fin aid?so is it wise to apply ED there?if u have any other colleges in mind please say so!!!also i NEED some safety colleges!</p>

<p>any extra curriculum?</p>

<p>yeah i have some extra curr. but they're not impressive.what do u think about my chances?</p>

<p>those LACs will like you.
Your SATs are good but colgate's middle 50% SAT range is 600-690 verbal, 610-700 maths so maybe you should raise maths up to like 670. And also, if you raise up your verbal (but it's already good), you'll be a definite candidate but they also look out for ur essays and ECs.
17 courses is incredible so 2 C's wont matter at all.
Oh and the mean SAT score for colgate 640V 650M
41% of Colgate's class has some sort of financial aid. sooo, i don't know if that's good or not.</p>

but i'm not that sure if I'll get in.i think that colgate has some 10% acceptance for international students( but 59% overall for ED...;)))</p>