Internships for High School Students

<p>What are some good sites to find medical research internships for high school students? Most of the places I've called or emailed only do internships for grad students. Thanks</p>

<p>hmm...i dont know about any websites. I reccomend you research some places in your area online, give um a call, and ask for either a job or internship. Jobs look better though. </p>

<p>for example im 15 and deciding between creating my own computer repair company (county wide) or joining a profeesional one (called fast teks), which looks better than interning at a computer engieer company ( my choosen major). Whats best is to get the basic skills (if you are young like me work at a pharmacy, pediatrician , doctors office, hospital etc that will hire you. Than as you get promotions other companies that do actual medical research may hire you to do some small jobs without a degree (but dont expect to be working like everyone else. Expect alot of oddjobs. you will still be getting experiance in your workfeild which of course is good.)</p>

<p>contact some professors at colleges around your area and ask the professors can you help out with their research.</p>

<p>just look for biotech/related companies.
a lot of biotech companies in my are sometimes take high school interns.
or a specific research facility like fred hutchinson here in seattle might have a high school intern program</p>