<p>I'm applying EA to the University of Chicago this year...I'm from Canada. Chicago says they are "need-aware" when it comes to international applicants...and since international applicants are evaluated in their own pool, I'm wondering if the combination of EA and not needing aid will help me that much in the process...any thoughts?</p>

<p>i think you are considered the same as us citizens and residents are, most unis don't descriminate against canadians, i think u of chicago even lets mexicans in on the financial aid</p>

<p>The point is that I don't want financial aid--I don't need it, and I'm hoping not requesting it will help my chances. I also think that Canadians are considered int'l.</p>

<p>oh sry, didn't read entire post, yea at most universities it helps if you are not applying for financial aid and you are an international since internationals requiring financial aid are immediately put into the extremely competitive pile, jej sry about that, i guess chicago does consider canadian citizens as internationals, been reading on financial aid policies for so many universities today i'm all confused
to give you an example, i was going to apply to amherst college ed asking for financial aid but then the admissions officer told me they receive about 600 applications a year from internationals requesting financial aid and are able to give admission (and aid) to 25 of these i decided to drop the request for financial aid. With this in mind i was set to apply to amherst without financial aid (looking for private loans and scholarships), until i found that another school had a great need-blind admission policy for internationals as well as domestic students</p>