Intl. looking for summer activities in Germany

<p>Hello everyone, first post here, so I'm kind of excited : )</p>

<p>Anyway, I'm looking for stuff to do during the summer since I get bored easily and it's never hurt to have something extra on your apps. I'm interested in pretty much anything, whether it be a summer program, a summer school, or an internship/work opportunity, and I am willing to travel everywhere within Germany.</p>

<p>Anyone have any ideas? I'm interested in Intl. Relations, Psychology, Government, History, Economics or pretty much any social science. If that helps haha.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help!!</p>

<p>My first thought was: are you German or another EU citizen (just because of visa technicalities)? And are you fluent in German?</p>

<p>Finding an unpaid internship is really easy in most fields if you are fluent in German and don't need a visa. If you fail any of these criteria (unpaid, fluent in German, no visa) things get complicated.</p>

<p>Summer school... If you are not fluent in German, the Goethe institute offers German classes throughout the year. I cannot think of too many other programs - the summer semester at German universities (the equivalent of the spring semester in the US) runs from mid-April until late July, which is why there are no summer programs targeted at college students during the typical American summer term. Jacobs University in Bremen might offer summer classes but I am not sure.</p>

<p>Sorry if my response wasn't too helpful.</p>

hey you seem to know about Germany a lot (assuming from your previous reps).
Is it easy to get summer jobs? hows the pay like? I have been accepted at a University in Bremen and do not plan to return home the commencing summer. I am currently doing A1 course at Goethe Institute so u might know what my level of Deutsch is ! Are paid internships possible after first year of study ? Thank you!!</p>