<p>I just wonder what's duke's attitude towards intl student in the ed pool. I think I have decent stats but I'm deferred. Perhaps they want to compare me with the rd applicants from my country (the interviewer told me I'm the only ed applicant from my country). How's everyone else?</p>

<p>i'm sorry about ur deferral...but defer is not that bad...u know, at least not flat-out rejection.</p>

<p>can we see your stats, maybe? and where are you from?</p>

<p>Duke is one of my top choices too, btw.
are you applying to Cornell too? i just got in cornell ED</p>

<p>thanks, losoland. i'm from hong kong. here's my stat...</p>

<p>sat 1: 1460
sat 2: 800 790 730
Grades: Mainly A with a few B (my school is super competitive. one of the most elite in hk)
Prefect Board- Grade 9,10,11 (Head Prefect)
Jr. Science Club- 9,10,11 (Vice-chair)
Annual Election Commission- 12 (Vice-chair)
Class Captain- 9,11
Class Committee- 9,10 (chair)
English Society Publication Group - 9,10
Pen Drawing - many years
Volunteer in an environmental organization for 2 years</p>

<p>summer activities:
Organizer & helper in my school's new student orientation camp- Grade 9,10
Trip to remote part in China- Grade 11</p>

2 academic awards
13 speech and debate competition awards
some leadership awards</p>

MENSA member
I've been the MC for many school functions. I'd say I'm quite well known among the teachers in my school. So my recs are probably good.</p>

<p>and nope, I'm not applying to cornell.</p>

<p>polka_rhapsody, I come from Hong Kong too. Here are my stats:
sat 1: 1460
sat 2: 710 800 800 800
Grades: A's and B's and one or two C's and D's (My school is well-known but has long fallen below the super-competitive line)
Was the coordinator of morning assemblies
Editor of school magazine
Health ambassador
Several awards at speech festivals
etc. (as you see, my ECs suck!!!)</p>

<p>Awards? Not many...
Rennselaer MEdal (if that counts at all, anyway I don't even know why I was awarded such a thing)</p>

<p>Teachers' recs are stereotyped, unoriginal; my esssays might have sucked too but I have no idea..
and I got deferred at the university of chicago
applied to berkeley as well</p>

<p>oh btw do you go to an international school? It sounds like you do...</p>

<p>no, i'm in a local school somewhere in central. want_1600, you have amazing sat 2!!! heard anyone accepted to top US universities? I have someone in my school accepted to Johns Hopkins.</p>

<p>Hey, your SATs are not weak either. For me, it's just a bit of luck, that's all.
One of us got into u penn two years ago... apart from that no one else got into the really top (in terms of reputation) universities. One of my friends now goes to u of oregon... someone who'd got 9 distinctions applied to Harvard, Princeton and MIT and simply got rejected from all three. I know of a 10A guy who got rejected from MHYPS but was accepted at Duke. He studies medicine now in Hong Kong.
Have you decided on your major yet? Stay relaxed, there must be something they like about you, or otherwise they'd have rejected you right away. But do you plan to send them extra information like recommendations and clarifications in the meantime? I'm confused right now...</p>

<p>You can pop me an e-mail at <a href=""></a> if you like =)</p>

<p>All the best!</p>