Invited to attend UCI honors program day

<p>So I was admitted to UCI early this month (first wave I think). I just received an email inviting me to attend "Honors Day" on campus. The letter states: </p>

<p>"This event is by invitation only, and is a chance for Honors students like you to explore UC Irvine's Campuswide Honors Program and meet Honors faculty and students. Come for morning information sessions on UC Irvine, the Honors program, and the schools and majors. Then explore the campus by taking a campus tour and visiting Honors housing!"</p>

<p>What does this entail? Is it worth attending? I read that, in the past, everyone who attended received a regents' scholarship and were offered admission to the UCI honors program. Is this true? Thanks!</p>

<p>I would very much like to know the answer to this question too :).</p>

<p>Sorry just curious, what are your stats?</p>

<p>3.75 UW/4.15 W UC GPA
31 ACT
700 Math II Sat II
Business Economics Major</p>

<p>Good stats but not super duper amazing so I'm actually surprised by this invitation :)</p>

<p>I did write excellent personal statements and have strong EC's but I'm not sure if these play a part in the Honors program.</p>

<p>In case you were wondering, mine are:</p>

<p>34 ACT, 2140 SAT, and 800/800/790/750 SAT2s.
4.0 UW GPA, Full IB Diploma Candidate</p>

<p>The rest is on my chance me thread if you bother to look for it. </p>

<p>My friend turned down Cal and UCLA for the UCI honors program, so I'm really curious about it.</p>

<p>Wow! Congratulations :)</p>

<p>Not bad at all. I'm probably going to the event for this as I live just 45 minutes from campus. I heard that they give you tons of benefits and treat you very well. This is the website for the program: </p>

<p>University</a> of California, Irvine - Campuswide Honors Program</p>

<p>It outlines benefits and such.</p>

<p>@ndudaney Thanks!</p>

<p>I'm getting a bit nervous about how UCI is sending out admissions decisions. People from my school have gotten in already but I don't really see a correlation with early decisions = highly qualified applicants? How late do they send out honor program invites? Do you think ill get it?</p>

<p>4.46 W GPA, 3.88 UW
2040 SAT
31 ACT</p>

<p>Rank: 10/750
Math/Econ Major</p>

<p>havent heard back from UCI at all yet</p>

<p>Well you basically 1 upped me in almost every aspect of my academic application haha. If I got it idk why you wouldn't. I do believe the invitations go out over the course of February and I'm sure you will be admitted to Irvine straight up... after all, I was :P. </p>

<p>Keep in mind that I am requesting information in this post and I'm only relaying information I've read about it previously.</p>

<p>I got in to the Honors Program! :)</p>

<p>Stats: 4.4 UC GPA; 2140 SAT I</p>

<p>Just so you know, the faculty from the college of your selected major choose you to be in the CHP. Congrats to everyone who got in. And to those who didn't get in yet, UCI still has a month to send you your acceptance letters.</p>

<p>So I was hand-picked to be invited to the honors program by my major's faculty?</p>

<p>If so, I am very humbled!!</p>

<p>So is this email to attend this Honors seminar an official acceptance into the Honors Program? Does every Honors participant get a Regents Scholarship?</p>

<p>I'd like an answer to the questions above as well.</p>

So I was hand-picked to be invited to the honors program by my major's faculty?

No, the honors program is its own department with its own office, administrators and what not. It would be problematic for the faculty to get involved as most freshmen, CHP and regular, change their major at some point. In most departments, professors don't even know what graduate students they're admitting*, and grad students are the life blood of their research program.</p>

<p>*As is most things at a university, it's handled by a committee. </p>

Does every Honors participant get a Regents Scholarship?


From the CHP website
<a href=""&gt;;/a>

Does your program have scholarships?
At UC Irvine, merit scholarships (including the Regents’ Scholarship) and financial aid are handled by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Check out their website for further information.


<p>diana3 indicated that the faculty of the college that my major is in chose me to be in CHP. Am I missing something?</p>

<p>I have a 2380 and around 4.3 UC GPA, along with other things, and I haven't been accepted yet or invited to the honors program. I'm kind of worried they forgot about my application or something. It says it's been received, though.</p>

<p>zencic im in the exact same position as you. I have around a 4.4 W GPA and havent heard back but many people in my grade who ahve stats lower than me have received acceptances. Getting a bit anxious.</p>

<p>They send out acceptances all the way through late March in a rolling admissions? type deal. I wouldn't be surprised if they are inviting people to the honors program thing up until maybe a week before the event.</p>

<p>Prodigy... That's what they said on their website. Don't know the degree to its truth though. Either way, you got in. You should be happy :)</p>