Is an Okie Welcome?

<p>I'm from a small town (<3000 people) in Oklahoma. I don't have a lot of money. Will I be comfortable at Colby? Thanks.</p>

<p>small town= perfectly comfortable at Colby. The town where my dad lives has about 1100 people, and 4 people attend Colby from that town. I really think that a person from a small town woudl be perfectly comfortable at Colby.</p>

<p>As for the money; I dont' have a lot of money and I find Colby very enjoyable. I receive a VERY generous amount of aid from Colby, and am SO, SO glad I attended.</p>

<p>However, college is different for everybody, and everybody experiences things differently, so, if you can, I would visit. If not, let me know and I'll try and figure otu a way to portray the reality of Colby.</p>

<p>Best of Luck!</p>


<p>I am not able to visit (too expensive) but I would greatly appreciate any insight you could provide as to the atmosphere of Colby. Thanks again!</p>

<p>I think the town around Colby (Waterville) has about 16,000 people, but Colby seems to be a bit juxtaposed from the town. Whereas Colby has a lot of greens, great buildings, etc, some parts of Waterville seem to be a mix of industrial/developmental, almost gray. Downtown Waterville is nice, though, set by an old mill.</p>